If its Tuesday

Well, well, well, it is a wet and cold June Tuesday evening.  Sounds about right for Seattle.  We had a few lovely days in May but are now in for some gloomy weather.  While I don’t mind the gray and rain a lot of the year (hello, fall – how I love thee), I like some sun in the summer time.  But not the blistering hot sun.  No, I like the sun with not a lot of heat.  That’s me, a true Seattleite.  If patterns hold, the sun should re-emerge before summer’s end.  Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I woke up this morning thinking today would be the day I would actually get out of bed in the morning and go running.  The first sound I hear (after turning off my alarm) is rain.  Did I let that deter me?  No!  I got out of bed, stumbled through putting on clothes, and headed to the park.  It was a very slow 2 miles (as in the first mile took me 15 minutes – what’s up with that?) but I did it!  Hopefully this will start a trend!

I almost wrote I brought my lunch to school today!  I guess work is somewhat equivalent to school.  But yes, I brought my lunch – quinoa and avocados.  One small healthy step…

Guess what showed up in my email inbox today?  My Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll final information package!  Holy cow!  I don’t know why it surprises me, but it does.  So while I was nervous about being in Corral 19 for Portland, I’m not even sure what to think about being in Corral 43 for Seattle.  Forty-stinking-three?  I might need to move up a corral or two.

There was something else I was going to share with you, but I seem to have lost my train of thought.  Instead I will leave you with a few pictures from my Denver trip (the post about which is coming).

Hike up to Deer Mountain Summit

Obligatory feet pic – one mile above sea level

Hike to Mills Lake

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2 Responses to If its Tuesday

  1. Abby says:

    A mile above sea level? That’s crazy to this New Orleanian who is used to living below sea level. Seattle has a full that’s why there are so many corrals. Don’t worry about being late, it’ll take forever to get to the start. Still jealous of this race!

  2. FruitFly says:

    Wait a minute … you got a Seattle email?? I never did! I randomly would go in and see if we had bibs yet – on the site – and saw mine finally. But now I feel ripped off for not getting an email!

    I wonder how many corrals Seattle has?!? I moved up from last year. I was 28 before, and this year I’m 23. I just figured out who the Gym Class Heroes are, so now my sole goal is to finish in time to see them and semi-drool of Travie McCoy!

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