Five Senses Friday

I’m a little proud of myself this week.  I actually got out of bed 3 different mornings and worked out!  I used to so much more of a morning person and while I don’t think I’m ever going to be a night owl, I’m definitely not as early of a morning person as I used to be, so this was quite a feat!  Tuesday morning I awoke to rain but laced up my shoes and did 2 miles.  Thursday morning I awoke to rain but laced up my shoes and did 2 miles.  Friday morning I awoke to sun but put on my swim suit and swam laps.  Three early morning work outs which all resulted in me being very wet at the end of them.  And only one on purpose! 🙂

The last time I went to the gym (prior to this morning) was last year when my gym was still Bally’s.  I usually only go to the gym for the pool, since the work gym is way more convenient, except it doesn’t have a pool.  Since my last outing to the gym, Bally’s (in WA) was bought out by LA Fitness and my gym was now in a new location.  My membership transferred over fairly seamlessly.   I knew my old gym was, well, old and not the best but I had no idea how nice and clean a gym could be!  Even better, the pool was massive and there were three large lanes instead of two small lanes!  And they have an Emerald City Smoothie bar in the gym!  The one thing I didn’t see was small little changing rooms, so I might be getting over my modesty pretty darn quick since I’ll be changing in the open for the most part.

Enough of that!  Let’s get on to the Five Senses portion of the post!


  • My waiver for the Seattle RnR – it’s getting real!


  • Absolutely pouring rain pelting the windows, for about 20 minutes and then the sun came out.  Must be June in Seattle.


  • Chlorine – hello pool, I have missed you


  • Quinoa – so I brought my lunch one time this week, but hey, it’s a start!


  • In the middle – I don’t want to say content exactly – but nothing dramatic in either direction, just kind of floating along.  The calm before the storm perhaps?
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One Response to Five Senses Friday

  1. FruitFly says:

    I am smelling chlorine, too!!!

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