Yummy in my tummy

If you’ve been around my blog for any length of time, you may have noticed I have an affinity for two things.  Pizza and dessert.  Gelato, cupcakes, and tiramisu rank way up there in my dessert cravings.  But really, I’m not picky.  There are very few desserts that I’ll turn my nose up at (I’m not too fond of flan though).  Bottom line, if it is sweet I’ll eat it.  I am a Cookie Monster, although I don’t stop at cookies!  I have been seriously craving a cookie lately.  In fact, that was going to be my treat after my 10 miles last weekend.  I stopped at Starbucks for my after run coffee and was looking forward to a nice big chocolate chip cookie but they had none.  And the craving intensified from there.

So when I saw this recipe for dessert hummus over at The Lean Green Bean I knew it had my name written all over it!  And really the ingredients were simple – chickpeas (which I now knew meant garbanzo beans!), peanut butter (or some sort of nut butter – I used chocolate hazelnut butter!) and a few other items.  Throw them all together and whir them up.  A recipe so simple even I could follow it!

Next came the hard part – how to finish it off.  The option that caught my eye was the ice cream sandwich version.  Because ice cream?  Love!  Ice cream sandwich?  I’m drooling!!  Next time I want to try the snack bite version with oats!  And there will be a next time because this was delicious!

The ingredients

Ready to mix in the chocolate chips!


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One Response to Yummy in my tummy

  1. FruitFly says:

    I wish I ate chocolate because that looks yummy!

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