Run #4.2 It Wasn’t Pretty

This run was wrong from the beginning.  Starting with me not being able to get out of my comfy, warm bed.  Some days are harder than others and today was not an easy day to get out of bed.  I poked my foot out from under the covers and finally crawled out of bed.

Once upon a time, I was going to work on hills.  But I wasn’t feeling hills this morning (or really at all lately).  When I complain later about hills during Seattle RnR, someone remind me it was my choice to avoid hills.

Since this run had the makings of being sucktastic (yes, I made that word up but it is so fun to say), when I got to a fork in the trail I went left instead of going straight, hoping the different scenery would help.  I had gone this route a couple of times, but only during races.  It wound through neighborhoods around Lake Union.  I knew it would give me about 6 miles and then I’d have to pick up another 5 miles.  There were lots of cats out, including a black cat.  But the black cat did not cross my path!  Whew!

There were also a few hills.  So score on that!

Around mile 4 I started being glad I had taken this route as I really needed a bathroom and lo and behold I passed by a Starbucks where I used the real bathroom!  Sometimes it is the little things.

A little after mile 5 I was stopped because, get this, the bridge was up.  Why yes, I came up to the bridge just as the light turned to red and the bridge went up to let a boat through (no pics, because I don’t run with my phone).  It was a nice little pause.  Especially as the sun had finally came out.  Then it was game on.  Again.

The remainder was fairly uneventful.  I ran out of trail a little before I needed to turn around, which meant I had to pick up an extra mile and a half.  That extra mile and a half sucked.  I was ready to be done, it was hot, and I could see my car.  It would have been so easy to stop at 10 but I gutted out 11 miles.

Good thing I still have ice cream sammich bites to eat!  Oh and chocolate milk to drink!  I’m so all about the sweets.

Hallelujah! I’m done!

View across the lake

Gasworks Park

My After – chocolate milk!


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2 Responses to Run #4.2 It Wasn’t Pretty

  1. Cute Running Skirt/Tights!!! 🙂

  2. I of course love your running skirt 🙂

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