Run #4.3 Last Stop Before Seattle

I decided to give the loop around Lake Union another chance this morning.  I mean it had hills and a real bathroom!  I’m starting to get nervous about the hills situation.  Since that would only get me 6 miles, I still wasn’t sure how to get the last 6 miles.  But I could figure that out – maybe I would loop the lake twice.

When I left my house the sun was shining.  When I got to Gasworks, it was dreary and overcast, which actually wasn’t a bad thing.  Overcast makes Emily a happy camper!  Well, when running it does.  In the parking lot were remnants of floats (I think from the Solstice Parade, which I have never gone to – one of these days I will).

I started out feeling good and keeping fairly consistent 12:30 minute miles.  The Space Needle was looming with its bright orange top.  There was a patch of bright blue sky over the Seattle skyline.  Rounding the south end of Lake Union, I came up on the Starbucks with the real bathroom!

I continued around the lake and decided to take the path on the left side of the canal (last time I took the path on the right side).  The path didn’t last too long along side the canal and soon I was behind some industrial areas.  I went as far as the path would let me and turned around.

I finished up as the sun started making its appearance known.  Now the big question – could I have gone another mile?  Yes I could have.  But I don’t know with how much enthusiasm.  I’m hoping there is a lot of energy at this race because I have a feeling I am going to need it.

And with that, the training portion of this race is concluded.  Bring on the taper.

After 12 Miles

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