You’ve Come a Long Way

I don’t often openly talk about my struggles with my weight.  Like many others I have struggled with my weight for most of my adult life, if not longer.  Lately I’ve fallen into poor me, what’s the point vicious circle.  I can’t find the motivation.  But more than that, I feel like nothing has changed.  I am still the same person that I was in 2005.

I stumbled across some old pictures and paused.  While I do have a long way to go on this weight loss journey, the pictures helped show me that I have indeed come a long way.

Speaking of coming a long way, had you told the me in the picture back then that I would be about to run my fourth half marathon in one year, she would have laughed in your face.  I wouldn’t have believed I would do 4 half marathons in my lifetime, let alone in one year (with one to grow on).

“Then” Circa 2005 (in Prague)

“Now” Circa 2012 (WDW)

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3 Responses to You’ve Come a Long Way

  1. Mandi says:

    You’ve run more races and competed in more triathlons than almost anyone I know! You’re mega fit, my friend, and that’s way more important than anything the scale might be saying. Your confidence in yourself comes across to others, even through your blog, and you definitely radiate energy. You certainly motivate others to stay fit too, so keep up the hard work!

  2. Jana says:

    Told you!

  3. Abby says:

    You have come a long way!! And you look awesome no matter what.

    I’m actually have those same feelings. I’m no longer training for a half marathon a month but I’m still eating like it and it doesn’t do good things for me. Oh well.

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