2012 Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll: The Sun Will Come Out

The rain held off until after I finished and I shaved another minute off my time!  Still not quite to my secret goal, but I’ll take the improvement!

I didn’t get the greatest nights sleep.  My hotel room was just one level above the street and there was a lot of street noise.  I got up, dressed, re-packed my bag and took it down to the car (I was hoping to keep my room until check out time but didn’t take the chance I wouldn’t get back in time).   The nice thing about the hotel was being just about a block or so from the race start.  I was happy to see gray skies, but no rain!  Hopefully it would stay away.

Can you tell its me? Its so gray!

Gear check and a port-0-p0tty stop and I made my way to the way back.  I had changed my corral to 40 but it was still towards the end.  We made our slowly towards the start line.  I actually jumped out of the line to use the bathroom one more time!  The sun was starting to peek out.  Finally we got to the start line and were off!

Ready, Set, Go!

The first couple miles were mainly downhill!  Nice!  Except, as well you know, what goes down must come up! 🙂  Down 2nd to Dearborn to Rainier Avenue.  It was a lot of road.

Down 2nd Ave

We turned off Rainier and BAM!  There was a massive hill staring us in the face.  Now we would see if my last-minute hill work paid off.  Yeah, that was a steep hill.  I ran up about halfway before walking.  There were cheerleaders towards the top with the best cheer!  “What’s next?”  “Downhill!”  The steepness of the uphill was as bad as the steepness downhill.  I pitter-pattered my way carefully down the hill.  I almost hate steep downhills worse than uphills.

And then we were on Lake Washington Boulevard.  The breeze was coming off the lake which was so fantastic!  I think this was my favorite part of the race.  This part of the race was so reminiscent of the Seattle Danskin.  This was also where the course seemed to get narrow.  They had us split into the half and the full at this point.

Right before we caught the road up to I-90 was the Run to Remember water station.  Leading up to the water station were pictures of fallen soldiers and a bunch of people each holding an American flag.  I was tearing up already when I noticed a man running in front of me had taken off his hat as he was running by the flags.  A few tears leaked out.

Next up was my nemesis bike hill from the triathlon.  It is hard enough going up this hill on a bike!  At the top we were on I-90, but instead of turning right, we turned left into the tunnel.

The tunnel seemed to take forever.  My Garmin freaked out in the tunnel and had me about a mile ahead of what I had actually done.  So it was somewhat useless, except it continued to help with run/walk intervals.  Finally in the distance you could see the sunshine.  I had been needing a bathroom stop but kept passing them as there were lines.  Right before we exited the tunnel were bathrooms with no line.  Score!  After that slight detour, I was out of the tunnel and in the sunshine.

We finished up with the express lanes, by the stadiums and then up onto the Viaduct.  The sun was out at this point and the views of downtown were beautiful.

Around Mile 11

I was also ready to be done at this point.  My knee was bothering me.  And I was playing time games with myself.  I knew my secret goal was out the window.  But if I could keep up my run/walk intervals, I thought maybe I could just squeak by and beat my Portland time.

And then came the hill at the end.  Remember what goes down, must come up?  Here it was!  I ran my interval and then walked for a little before sucking it up and tried to run again.  I heard my name and there was Jessica!  That definitely gave me some energy.  It wasn’t much of a finishing kick, but seeing the finish line spurred me on.  And done!

I grabbed my medal, water and chocolate milk (yum!) and was heading for the medical tent when I heard my name again.  I looked up and there were my parents!

Emily, look up!

Next stop was the medical tent for an ice pack and then I picked up a space blanket, which I really didn’t need at that point, but I wanted to look cool!  I was heading towards the meet up area when Jessica found me and then we saw my parents up ahead.  A few pictures later and my parents left.  I finally, finally, finally got to meet the fabulous Fruit Fly in person!!  And I picked up my special medal for doing both Portland & Seattle.

Yay for being done!

So my actual time?  2:49:09!  And with that, #4 is done!  Only one more to go before I can shut the books on 5 halves in 2012!

Its all for the bling!


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8 Responses to 2012 Seattle Rock ‘N’ Roll: The Sun Will Come Out

  1. Ricole Runs says:

    AWESOME JOB!!! Congratulations!!! That’s a beautiful shot you captured with the blue skies and the fluffy clouds! It was just plain CRUEL to put all those hills at the END of the race! (what’s your secret goal????)

    • Emily says:

      Thanks!! So I usually have three goals – the definitely attainable one, the one where I’ll be happy, and the secret goal (which is more of a stretch goal). The secret goal is the one I’m working towards. Right now my secret goal is under 2:45!!

  2. Nikki says:

    I’m with you on the hills – ouch! That finish line hill just about killed me!

  3. Abby says:

    Sorry about your secret time, but your official time is pretty damn good! Congrats on your double bling!. .. well, actually it’s like triple bling b/c of the heavy medals, right?

    • Emily says:

      I love double bling!! Haha – I’m not sure on the triple bling – if the special Portland/Seattle takes it place or not.

      I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to either not go to the bathroom or find a much flatter course to beat my secret goal, but hey, it’s something to work towards!

  4. You are amazing!!!!! Congrats on another great 1/2! You inspire me. 🙂

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