Volunteering at a race has been on my mind for a while.  And while I was tempted to run this race, I decided to go ahead and volunteer instead.  I was assigned to water station 6 which was at Mile 2 of the 5K and Mile 12 of the half.  The course consisted of several out and back portions so we saw the runners twice at our water station.  Can I just say HOLY CRAP the first runner was FAST!  I ended up seeing her four times since the first out and back portion was across the canal.

I was there with 5 other people.  We set up the water and the Nuun and waited for the runners.  The wind was blowing so pouring the water into cups was slightly on the difficult side as the cups kept blowing over!

And then we got our first runners!  It took a little to get the timing down of when to let go but I think I finally got it.  It was a lot of fun volunteering!  It was great to see all the runners and walkers.

After having been inspired by all those who raced, I *may* have signed up for a half next weekend!!  Yikes!!  Stay tuned to find out more…

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One Response to Water!!

  1. FruitFly says:

    Awesome! Some day if I can’t do a race I think I’d like to volunteer. I feel like it would be more intimidating to man a water station than run the race!

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