2012 Lacamas Lake Half: Holy Hill!!

Before I get into all the race details, I want to say thanks for all the encouraging words after sharing about my health predicament!!  They mean a lot to me.  I’ve gone through several tests the past week or so and the results seem to be positive  – I’m learning smooth and well-contained are good words.

Even though I’m super sore at the moment (driving 4 hours after finishing a half marathon will do that to you!), I’m really glad I ran this race.  I knew it wasn’t going to be easy considering since my last half the most I’ve run at one time is 6 miles.

In trying to decide what race to run this weekend (since it had to be this weekend as next weekend I’m in DISNEYLAND!), I very briefly considering flying to Chicago for the Rock ‘N’ Roll since that would let me check off another state.  But cooler heads prevailed (and my credit card breathed a sigh of relief).  Since I’d already done OR and WA, I looked at the Idaho races but ruled out the two that were happening.  I threw out the fifth state plan and looked into WA races.  One by one I ruled them out until I was left with Lacamas Lake.  But I knew it wasn’t going to be easy after reading Fruit Fly’s race report from last year.  I asked her for the skinny and decided it was probably my best option and signed up.

I drove down Saturday and just barely made packet pickup (which in hindsight I shouldn’t have worried since I could have picked up my bib race morning).  I got takeout and enjoyed dinner in my hotel room.

I was up early and made my way to the race start.  I was happy that the weather was overcast!  I started with the 2:45 pacer.  Even though I had no goals for this race, I wouldn’t cry if I finished in 2:45! 🙂


We started off on the high school track before making our way down a hill and along the lake.  I ran as much as I could on the downhills (ignoring my intervals) and I was keeping up with the 2:30 pacer!  Well until we hit Mile 2.  She started to pull away and I couldn’t match it.  It was nice while it lasted.

Mile 2 or was it Mile 3?

This truly was a rolling course with slow uphills and slow downhills.  Except for the hill between Mile 6 and 7 (and the hill at the end, which we’ll get to later).  After Mile 8 we headed onto a trail along the lake.  Up until that point I was usually around at least a couple of people.  On the path it was more stretched out and I was by myself a lot of the time.  While I really enjoyed running along the lake, I wasn’t a huge fan of the dirt trail.  Or I should say my feet weren’t fans.

Trail along the lake

I hit Mile 10 and I could feel myself start to shut down.  I tried to pump myself up by saying only a 5K left, only a 5K left, which did help a little bit.  We had just passed Mile 11 when the 2:45 pacer passed me.  She told me great job and my response was to tell her I had hoped I wouldn’t see her until later.  I immediately felt horrible about saying that.  So I quickly followed that by telling her thanks for being out here.  Hopefully she didn’t take offense!!

I kept up with her as long as I could but watched her move farther and farther out of my reach.  We left the park and headed back on the road.  Mile 12 came and went.  I was holding on until I turned the corner and saw the horrific hill.  It makes the hill at the end of Seattle RnR look like a walk in the park.  I started walking backwards at one point.  I also started tearing up because while I wanted this hill to be over I knew that once this race was over, it would mean I’m done with races for a while.  Part of me wanted it to continue.

Evil, evil hill

Needless to say I was a wreck at the top of the hill.  I kept walking.  I could not convince myself to run, which will come back to haunt me at the end.  Finally I was at the track and I started running.  Or shuffling.  I rounded one corner and another and then crossed the finish line!  Yay!  Done!  (Side note – the medal was tiny, but well-earned.)


So how’d I do?  Well according to the results page I finished in 2:49:23 (see if only I had started running earlier I would have for sure PR’d).  However 2:49:23 is listed as both my chip time and my gun time and I know it took me awhile to cross the start line.  (Plus my Garmin says 2:48:57 which would have been a definite PR and I didn’t hit stop until after getting my medal.)  So here is my dilemma.  I am a rule follower and 2:49:23 is my official time, which is not a PR.  Do I go with my Garmin time?  But it is not official.  Or do I guess at how long it took me to get to the start line?  Problem is that still isn’t official.  Or do I just live with it?  Since even though it would be a PR, it wouldn’t be much of a PR.  There is a link on the website where I can email in for a correction so I’ll at least try that route.  Stay tuned…

And a few more pictures, courtesy of Instagram:

Pre-race nails!

Ready to go

Tiny medal, but cute

Yum! Eat up!


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One Response to 2012 Lacamas Lake Half: Holy Hill!!

  1. FruitFly says:

    So they lied. They claimed a “bigger medal”. Yeah, no.

    Anyway – you did freaking awesome!! I couldn’t even get sub 3 on that race. I had a total mental breakdown. I loved the trail part but just kept breaking down. I mean I laid make a freaking bouquet for Pete’s sake! Sounds like you enjoyed yourself, and heck you pretty much PR’d! I hope they fix your time for you!!

    Congratulations! Now, go and take care of yourself. Before you know it you’ll be back in the racing world again – perhaps even earning more Disney bling that we all love so much!

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