Heading Down Route 66

This trip had been on the calendar for at least a little while before I learned of my impending surgery.  (True story – I could have gone in a week or two earlier for surgery but then I wouldn’t have been able to go to Disneyland, so I postponed the surgery! 🙂 )  But what perfect timing.  Fun in the sun with my BFF Jana.  Yay!!  It was a much needed break.

It doesn’t take much to get me excited about Disneyland, or Disney in general.  For example, I was on the shuttle heading towards my hotel when the parents sitting in front of me pointed out the fireworks going on at Disneyland.  I think I was more excited than the kids!!  I craned my neck this way and that so I could bask in the exploding fireworks, knowing that tomorrow night I would be in the park watching them!

Friday morning dawned bright and we headed to La Brea for breakfast.  The remodel allows for a lot more seating.  Someday I’ll actually eat lunch there because their flatbreads look delicious!

It was then time to check out California Adventures and all the new additions!  Amazing!! I loved the new statue of Walt & Mickey.  And what can I say about Cars Land?  Fantastic!!  It was so well done.  From the signs to the stores, the whole place is full of atmosphere.  And that’s just during the day.  Come back at night and the neon signs are so cool!

Chilling with Walt & Mickey

The fast passes for Radiator Springs were long gone and the line was 150 minutes so we decided to check back later (in futile hopes that the line would have gone down).  We left Route 66 behind and headed to Paradise Pier for some old favorites.  And guess what?  They changed crazy haired Ariel in the Little Mermaid ride!!  She looks way better now.

Lunch was at the new Carthay Circle restaurant.  I really liked it!  It does have a feel of 1930’s Hollywood, or what I imagine would be 1930’s Hollywood, not having experienced it myself (until they invent a time machine!).  The food was very good and at the end of the meal we got our World of Color tickets for that evening.

Kobe Beef Sliders

The rest of the afternoon was spent riding rides and finished up with Aladdin, before deciding to bite the bullet and enter the Radiator Springs single rider line (the line time had gone up to 180 minutes!).  Again, I was blown away by the details.  The ride is super fun – getting your car ready to “race” before racing around Radiator Springs.  It might be my new favorite ride!!

Radiator Springs Racers

We finished up the evening with corn dogs for dinner, World of Color (love!!  and still waiting for the soundtrack!), and checking out the new Mad T Party which was awesome!!   It’s basically a dance party and I loved the DJ with the white rabbit ears!!

Cars Land at night

World of Color

Mad T Party

What to eat for breakfast?  So many options!  Of course we ended up at La Brea!!  And then it was time for Disneyland!  We started off at Mr. Toad’s and it just got better from there! 🙂  I finally rode Dumbo at Disneyland.  We took a break and went to Naples for lunch.  We finished off the night with Fantasmic and the new, maybe not quite improved Matterhorn.  I’m not if I’m a fan of the new seats.  It seemed as if my knees were jammed and the handles seemed far back.  However, riding the Matterhorn while fireworks are going off?  Yay!!

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride


Hello Disneyland

La Brea for breakfast, a little shopping (where I picked up a Duffy bear who will come with me to the hospital) and a few pictures and it was time to go home.

Thanks Disneyland, we had a blast!!  See ya real soon!

Hello Cars Land

Lightning McQueen



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