Tales From the Couch Part II

Here I am, still on the couch.  I haven’t done this much Olympics watching since I was in school and watching the Olympics on summer vacation!  Back then you could find me glued to the TV, cheering on Team USA, complete with me chanting U-S-A, U-S-A, because obviously they could hear me through the TV and needed my cheers.  Not much has changed.  I am still cheering on Team USA (although I might be cheering for a few other athletes from other countries).

It has been just a week since I was in the operating room and I like to think each day is a little better.  Even being warned about how tired and fatigued I would be, I am still amazed at the amount of energy it takes to do simple tasks.  I am definitely going to need the recovery time.  I had one particularly good day and got ahead of myself in thinking I would break recovery speed records.  Guess what that was followed by?  A reality check.  Where I realized recovery is going to take its own sweet time and I really shouldn’t be pushing it.

While overdosing on Olympics watching is an added benefit to sitting on my couch, jumping through all the paperwork hoops of being on my couch is not.  There is this form and that form and another.  But I think I’ve finally got most of it sorted out.

This really has been a humbling experience.  Especially in the hospital where I was dependent on others to do everything – from eating and drinking (at first) to walking to using the bathroom.  I’m slowly regaining my independence, but I still require a lot of help.  Having to ask for help is not something that is in my normal vocabulary, as I like to think of myself as fairly self-sufficient.  But I am now (re)learning the art of asking for help.  Not being able to lift anything over 10lbs and not being able to drive means I am not self sufficient and have to rely on others.  It is a good lesson to (re)learn.

There are bright spots each day.  Today’s (courtesy of insta.gram) was the mail!  I received a lovely get well card from my aunt and my cousin and I also received my encore medal from the Rock ‘N’ Roll peeps for participating in two events!

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