Tales From the Couch Part III

I am beginning to think I am living a dog’s life.  Or a cat’s life.  I eat, I nap, I stretch and then I start all over again.  Although I don’t recommend forgetting about your stitches when you stretch.  Or it might become a painful experience.  I am learning to stretch a little at a time and stop before it gets too deep.

While I am no longer participating in the Tower of Terror 10 Miler, it now frees up that weekend to do the Portland Color Run.  Which, of course, is totally the same thing.  Except not at all.  Running, err, walking through color zones instead of running through my happy place.  But it is something to look forward to at least.  And if I’m last, I’m last.  I’ll take a few people down with me! 🙂

I’m still enjoying all things Olympics.  And watching things I’ve either never really watched before (water polo) or things that I’ve forgotten how much I enjoy (synchronized swimming).  After watching several water polo matches all I can say is I have no idea what the rules are for that game.  The difference exclusions, the exclusions vs fouls, it is all over my head.  But those athletes have serious endurance skills!  And a little known fact about me – I used to dream about being a synchronized swimmer.  I even remember collecting newspaper pictures and articles about synchronized swimming.  My sister would half heartedly play along (at times) when we were at my grandparent’s pool and I tried to come up with fantastic routines.  Of course I’m loving all the beach volleyball.  I heart Misty & Kerri but I have a new found admiration for Jen & April so I’m super excited for the all USA finals tonight (yes I know who won already, but I’m still excited to watch it).

Each day continues to get a little better.  Today had quite a few bright spots – I went for a walk in the park, had a few co-workers visit, my dad took me to get a coffee so I got to leave the house twice, and then I got a package in the mail!!

Walking in the park

Mmm, afternoon coffee break!

Yay for packages!

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