Tales From the Couch Part IV

First things first, because I’m sure you are so interested, my doctor thinks my stitches are healing nicely!  So yay!  Although they are quite itchy, which she assured me is a sign of healing.

I also drove for the first time since the surgery!  Where did my first drive take me?  To my local Starbucks.  Not to far from home and the chance for an iced coffee – yes, please!  I survived, and so did my car.  Slowly things are returning to normal.

Even though things are returning to normal, the littlest activities still wear me out.  My couch and I are still BFFs.  How am I passing the time now that the Olympics are over?  Fortunately for me, the High School Musical movies have been on and of course I got sucked in.  What time is it?  Time to watch my Wildcats!  You can’t beat the original.  But I still sing my heart out to HSM2!!  Bet on it! 😉  Hopefully HSM3 will be on tomorrow!

While I’m suffering from serious Olympic withdrawals, I think I’m suffering more from not seeing the delightfully familiar sights of London (and environs) everyday than I am from not watching the events.  Buckingham Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Windsor Castle…  Ah, London.  Sadly, the last time I was in London was in 2009 (except for the brief stopover in Heathrow).  I need a visit to London stat!

Big Ben & Houses of Parliament

I’m starting to slowly go through and organize some pictures.  Funnily enough, I started with 2009 so I’ve been looking at my London photos.  And in 2009 I also went Paris Disneyland!!  Which I also need a return trip to.

Paris Disneyland

There are so many places to go!  I’ve always wanted to take a sabbatical to travel.  It seems I’m finally somewhat on sabbatical.  But no travel in sight.  This is not what I envisioned.  However, I am enjoying reliving some of my past travels and that will have to do for now.


Pont Neuf – Paris



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One Response to Tales From the Couch Part IV

  1. Jana says:

    Great memories! I’m ready to go too!

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