Labor Day 4 Mile Walk

Once upon a very long time ago, this was the very first half marathon I ever did.  Back then it was called the Super Jock’n Jill race and started at Red Hook Brewery and they did not give out medals to the half marathon finishers.  (Side note, had they given out medals back in the day, I’m thinking I would have done a lot more races by now!  I do love my bling!)  Now, it’s simply called the Labor Day Run/Walk and starts at Marymoor Park.  Prior to my surgery, I started eyeing this race as a potential to shoot for.  Almost five weeks to the day of my surgery – totally do-able, right?  Plus this would motivate me to get out and walk instead of pouting on the couch.  I had a few co-workers offer to be my support group and walk as slowly as I needed.

The day dawned and the weather was perfect!  Cloudy and overcast.  I met up with my co-workers and after a slight delay (due to traffic concerns) we were off!  Part of the reason I was happy about this course was I knew it would be fairly flat (which it was).  It took place on part of the trail that I really hadn’t even been on.  Score!  I’m always happy to find new trails to run on.

It was a fairly uneventful race.  The new trail was fun, the course was flat, the weather fantastic and I did fairly good – by which I mean no pain.  Again, there is that delicate balance that I have to strike now – push a little, but not too much.  Well at least not too much until I get the doctor’s okay.  (I go back to the doctor tomorrow!  Keep your fingers crossed for good news!)

We rounded the corner and the finish line was in sight!  I told my co-workers to run to the finish if they wanted (which they did, there is something about running across the finish line).  I was a good girl and kept walking.

All in all, a successful and fun race, even if I am still walking! 🙂

Ready to go

Labor Day 4 Mile Walk


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