Tales From the Couch Part VII

This is most likely my last entry from my couch!!  Not that I will never again write from my couch, but hopefully I will never write while confined to my couch!  (Fingers crossed!)  I visited the doctor yesterday and I have the green light to resume my life!  Well the green light as of next Monday.

I have no idea what I’m going to do when I actually have to get up on time in the morning,  wear real clothes instead of yoga pants, and do my hair and makeup.  Yuck!  Maybe I’m not ready to return to real life!  Ha!  In so many ways this has been summer vacation for me.  When was the last time I was able to sleep in pretty much every day of the week?  It would have to be a long ago summer vacation.

I even have the green light to run!  Well, run in moderation.  She suggested that I … wait for it …  first run, then walk.  With those words, this video was immediately brought to mind (do the Galloway!).  Oh yeah, this video has grown on me.  Love Jeff Galloway!

There is still the cautionary tone to the “you can run again” green light.  It will be somewhat like returning to running after tearing my MCL.  Slow and steady.  But slow and steady wins the race, right?  I am definitely going to take it easy at first.  My main goal is the Princess Half in February.  Any other race will be icing on the cake.  I do not want to jeopardize the Princess Half (or the Disneyland Half later in the year).  Yes, I’ve got my runDisney schedule for next year!  I’m in for Coast to Coast yet again.  Too far in advance?  Never!!

I have now entered what I like to call “the danger zone”.  I am more likely than not healthy, which is just a fancy accountant way of saying I am more than 51% healthy.  But I am not 100% which is where the danger zone aspect comes in.  I have more energy than I did post surgery, but I’m still not fully better.  I feel like I can do more than I have been doing but don’t always recognize when I am doing too much.  I think this will last for some time until I fully get all my strength back.

And there you have it!  And this is Emily, signing off from the couch!

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4 Responses to Tales From the Couch Part VII

  1. One must plan for the Coast to Coast months in advance. lol. Those races seem to sell out faster each and every year! Take it easy on your recovery. Before you know it, you’ll be back at it, gearing up for your race! Happy Running.

  2. Glad you are about to be sprung from life on the couch!!! 😀

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