Iron Girl 5K

I am enjoying my last few hours on the couch.  This returning to reality is starting to become reality.  Am I really ready to resume normal life??  Guess we’ll find out tomorrow!!

I go through periods where I’m all about signing up for 5Ks.  And this would be one of those periods where I’m all about the 5Ks.  I need the motivation.  And what better motivation than a ton of other people on my Sunday morning stroll?  I knew this would be a “safe” race for me to sign up for as the course is flat, there is a 10K option (so I won’t be last), and from memory it is a walk friendly race.

Being an all girl race there was plenty of pinks and purples, sparkles, boas and skirts, along with skipping, twirling, and cartwheels (from both little girls and big girls).  I love seeing the little girls with their moms and I love seeing the little boys cheering on their sisters and moms.  Best sign that I saw?  “May the course be with you!”  Ha!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one before.

I arrived somewhat early and found parking not too far away (the race takes place at Greenlake).  I picked up my bib and walked right by the gear check and did not see it at all so I walked back to my car to drop off my goody bag.  Once I walked back to the start area I clearly saw the gear check.  Oops!

I lined up at the back with the other walkers and soon we were off!  The first part takes you out of Greenlake proper and onto the road.  It was super crowded right at the beginning, but started to spread out.  Right around Mile 1, the course takes you back on the path around Greenlake before leading you back out onto the road.  Around the Mile 2 marker the super fast 10K runners rejoined the back of the pack 5Kers.  Wow, those are some speedy girls!!

And then the finish line came into view!  I fought back the increasing temptation to just go ahead and run, but I kept walking.  I walked across the finish line and happily accepted my medal.  Seriously, this medal is nicer than some half marathon medals I have received (Lacamas Lake, I’m looking at you!).

And there you have it!  Another 5K in the books, and hopefully my last walking only race!

Moving towards the start line

Love it!!

Yay! Bling!

And done!


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2 Responses to Iron Girl 5K

  1. Abby says:

    That IS a really nice 5K medal! Congrats on your race and making your way back into reality. We missed you 🙂

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