First You Run


It is time for me to rejoin the running world.  I was a little nervous thinking about how my incision would react.  Was it too soon?  But I had the okay from the doctor and I had been walking.  I planned to reduce my running intervals and increase my walking intervals and at any time I could just plain old walk.  I also decided to stick close to home in case anything were to happen.  Which meant a lot of loops and out and backs.  The big lesson I learned – I am not a fan of loops.  Give me a long out and back any day of the week!

I arrived at the park and was greeted by the sight of fog and leaves that were changing color.  Hello, Fall.  Normally I am a huge fan of fall, and while I am super excited for Pumpkin Spice Lattes and football, I feel as if summer completely passed me by.  Oh well.  Sadly the bathroom was not open yet (yet being the operative word – after I completed a loop I checked again and it was open!  Whew!).

A loop here and a loop there and I tried to do some math in my head to figure out my next loop.  Early morning and being tired equals not so good with the math and a not quite long enough loop.  In the end all that meant was doing an extra short loop to finish up with decent mileage for my first time back.

Good news?  I felt good.  I probably could increase my running intervals but I’m taking it slowly.  No real bad news except once again my minutes per mile have taken a nose dive.  I had finally gotten back to around 12-ish minute miles prior to surgery.  I’ve come back before and I can come back again.  It just might take me awhile, but that’s okay.

What else is going on?  I survived my first week back at work!  Holy cow!!  I was so exhausted by the end of the week!  But it was good to be back.  And after a day or two it was as if I had never left.

While I was down and out, I started dreaming about races, because duh, I love races.  I still haven’t fully committed to Rock ‘N’ Roll Las Vegas (in December).  It is in the back of my mind, and I have made hotel reservations, but no plane reservations.  We’ll see.  I have, however, fully committed to 2013 Princess Half!!  Yay!!  Not only am I signed up, but I have all sorts of reservations!  And I have a loose plan for what my “costume” will be.

And that’s that.  Happy Sunday!

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