Last Chance Before…

Remember last week or so when I briefly mentioned I had signed up for the Chicago Women’s Half next June?  And I signed up mainly because there was a super good deal on the registration fee but it was for a limited time only?  So I was suckered into signing up?  Apparently I didn’t learn my lesson and I am now signed up for the Seattle Half Marathon which is happening in November.  November 25th to be exact.

Long story, still somewhat long is this: during my run yesterday I came to the sudden realization that the Seattle Half was most likely the weekend right before Vegas.  Since I have a compressed training schedule, I would need to be running 12 miles that weekend.  It’s way more fun to run in a race, even if that race has evil hills (which I’ve heard Seattle does).  Bathrooms, water, cheering and a medal at the end equals a way better training run!  The idea of the Seattle Half was already planted in my head when I received the “last chance to register before the rates increase” email.  Well if that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is!

Other factors persuading me was the fact I am going to be in town for Thanksgiving (which I’m usually not, although this will be the second year in a row!) and I’ll finally have done Seattle, which I would have wanted to do at some point.

I don’t think I’ll rearrange my training schedule.  Vegas is still the main goal, with Seattle thrown in on the side.  And if after Mile 12 of the Seattle Half, I decide to treat the rest of the race as a cool-down, well I’m okay with that.

Anyone else a sucker for those “last chance before the increase” emails?

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2 Responses to Last Chance Before…

  1. dnardi710 says:

    I’d love to do a race in Seattle one day. I’ve only visited the city once but I really loved it! I think you’ll be fine not re-arranging your training schedule as long as you don’t “race” the Seattle race and just treat it like a training run. Good Luck with both!

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