Run #6.2 Dawg Dash 10K

I have wanted to do the Dawg Dash ever since I found out it existed.  However, for this, that, and the other reason I have not been able to do it.  The reason being I am usually out of town that weekend.  I had really wanted to do it last year, as it was the last year in the “old” Husky Stadium, but instead I was in Disney World.  When I realized I was finally going to be in town that weekend, I was excited.  T, my running co-worker, was going to do it as well.  It is nice to have a friend at the starting line.

Of course the 520 bridge was closed this weekend (which is the more direct route to the UW campus) but fortunately I remembered this before it was too late.  I parked, picked up my packet and met up with T.  It was cold at the start, and the wind didn’t help.  But the sun was starting to peek out (the forecast called for rain).  I had my jacket and was thinking I might just wear it.  But then I started rethinking that decision.  I vacillated several times before finally deciding to ditch the coat.  The gear check line was ridiculously long and then it dawned on me that my car was right downstairs in the parking garage.  Which was much quicker than the gear check line.  I made it back up to the starting line with minutes to spare.

Apparently my Garmin wasn’t quite awake.  It was not picking up a signal.  The race started without my Garmin.  Boo.  The race started on a slight uphill.  I kept messing with my Garmin until finally I gave up and started the timer so at least I could keep track of my intervals.

Because of the construction at Husky Stadium the course was different this year.  The course took us through some parks and then back on the Burke Gilman trail before heading back to campus.  Coming up a hill, I was starting to lose a little energy when I started hearing the strains of Louie, Louie.  It was the Husky Alumni band!!  I was instantly perked back up.  We passed by the band and then circled back again and they were playing Everybody’s Everything (which I’ve loved since I learned how to play it during Husky Band Day and we continued to use it.  Confession – sometimes I still say Hazen instead of Huskies during the song).  Can I say I wish the band was at more places along the route because they rocked?!?!?

The rest of the route was in, out, and around the campus.  They had signs up along the route with factoids about UW Alumni.  Some I knew (invented the wave) and some I didn’t (Beverly Cleary attended UW, as did the inventor of disposable diapers).  Because my Garmin failed me, I had no idea how long I had been out there.  My overall goal was to get under 1:20.  I kept plugging away, hoping I was in the neighborhood.  I was glad I had ditched my coat, because I would have been too hot.

Finally, the course turned around the final corner and after the straightaway the finish line was in sight!!  Done!!  Hooray!!

My time?  So glad you asked!  It was 1:16:36!  Just a mere 2 minutes off my PR, and that PR was set pre-knee injury and pre-surgery so I am quite happy with that.

Did I tell you I am on a cleanse?  Well that meant no Starbucks after (which I needed since I was freezing after I finished the race) and no chocolate milk.  Stupid cleanse.  Oh well, instead I had a banana and herbal tea.  Which is totally the same thing.  Except not at all.

Waiting for the start

At the finish line

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2 Responses to Run #6.2 Dawg Dash 10K

  1. Abby says:

    Congrats on an awesome time! But boo to a stupid cleanse. Hope you can get back to normal soon! I love me some chocolate milk after!

    • Emily says:

      Chocolate milk is so the!! Now that Hawaii is behind me, sadly I have forgotten all the good things I learned on the cleanse. Which is why I end up doing them again and again. Why does food have to taste so good? 🙂

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