Run #6.3 She’ll Be Coming Round Diamondhead

Looking at a calendar and planning can be one of my favorite things to do.  As I was planning out my current training plan, I realized I was going to need to run in Hawaii.  Okay, shouldn’t be too hard.  I seem to recall there were parks and sidewalks and paths where I could run.  I did do a quick search to see if any races were going on while I was there.  (I found one but it was for 18 miles which was twice the distance I wanted to go, plus the race was on Sunday which was the day I was leaving.)

The concierge desk kindly provided me with a running map.  The route around Diamondhead looked promising.

I got up early Saturday morning, I discovered I had forgotten to bring any fuel with me.  Oh snap.  This may end badly.

By the time I was dressed and finally ready to go, it was later than I wanted which also meant hotter than I wanted.  But at least it wasn’t as humid as the past few days.  I started off on the sidewalk, past several statues and dodging many a pedestrian.  Who knew there would be that many people out and about early Saturday morning?

I turned onto Diamondhead Road and started the trek up.  I should have known anything to do with Diamondhead would also mean there would be uphills involved.  The temperature continued to creep up, but as I turned one corner, I was treated with a beautiful view of the ocean.

View toward the ocean

A lovely breeze and some shade also helped.  Finally I reached the top and started downhill.


I may have mentioned before that running and math do not mix well for me.  I knew the best way for me to pick up my total 9 miles was to run the loop again.  My other choice was to turn around once I hit 4.5 miles and go back the way I came.  I hit 4.5 miles near the bottom of the hill, and I wanted a little reprieve before heading back up the hill so decided a second time around the loop was my best option.

There were a good number of runners out, which was nice to have the “company”.  And there were several water fountains that I ran across, which were lifesavers!  Especially considering the heat and the fact I hadn’t properly fueled, which was no one’s fault except my own (note to self: you need to run in Orlando this weekend, remember to bring fuel!).

I probably walked a lot more than I should have, but then I ran longer intervals on the downhills.  My last little stretch was past the Honolulu Zoo and I could hear the monkeys – it was as if they were cheering for me!  Yay!!  I’ll take any cheers I can get!  And with that, my Garmin clicked to 9 miles and I was done.  I was also probably a good mile from my hotel (I told you running and math don’t mix well for me).   Part of me thought to continue run intervals, but the rest of me said, screw it, let’s walk back.  And that part won.

As I got close to the hotel I took my shoes off, and walked in water.  Heavenly!!

A dip in the ocean

Spoiler alert: I spent most of the rest of the day on the beach and took several dips into the ocean.  I was not sore at all.  Apparently I need to move close to the ocean, or more realistically, learn how to take ice baths and salt baths!

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