Run #6.4 It Was Hot

Today I heard that Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away.  Oh my gosh.  Two weeks!!!  Which also means it is a little over two weeks to the Seattle Half and a little over three weeks to the Vegas Half.  I don’t know that I ever “officially” decided to actually do Vegas, but the closer we get, the more apparent it becomes I am not backing out now.  All that is left, well besides a few more weeks of training, is to figure out my outfit(s)!

This is training run is coming a little late, but better late than never, right?  As in it is almost time for another long run.  What can I say, it has been a long week.

Another weekend out of town, another weekend to find a new running route.  This time it was Orlando (trip reports forthcoming).  After a few days of fun and sun with some BFFs, I woke up ready to go.  Okay, so that wasn’t quite how it happened.  It was more like I woke up and dragged myself out of bed, trying to convince myself I needed to go before it got any hotter (which was a true story).  It took a little bit but finally I was up, dressed, and heading out the front door of the hotel.

I had no idea where to go.  I started off towards Universal Studios, circled where I could and took advantage of the fact I could use the real bathroom.  I was also told I couldn’t run there (although I had seen other people running, but whatever).  I came back out of Universal and was only at 4 ish miles.  Oh man.  This was going to be a long run.  I chose a road, which I hoped would be at least 3 miles long so I could pick up 6 miles.

Welcome to Universal Studios

It wasn’t the most exciting road, and it wasn’t quite 3 miles as the road seemed to dead end at a shopping mall.  On my way, I passed by another runner wearing a Disneyland Half shirt.  We exchanged smiles and continued on our respective ways.

As the heat continued to rise, so did my desire to walk.  Also fanning the flames of my desire to walk was the fact I kept getting stuck at stop lights.  Seriously, I think I spent over 4 minutes waiting for a walk signal.  Really?  I considered jaywalking but since it was a  busy and massive intersection, I decided against it.  I pushed the button and pushed it again and again.  Finally it hit walk.  I circled the block until I picked up enough miles to turn around and head back towards the hotel.

I passed by the runner in the Disneyland shirt again and this time we had bigger smiles and waves for each other.  I do love the fact that no matter where you run, other runners are usually so friendly.

Slightly on purpose, I made sure I hit 10 miles right by the Walgreens so I could buy myself a lovely, cold, delicious chocolate milk.

I run for chocolate milk

This was probably the LONGEST 10 miles of my life (so far).  Both in reality (I blame to the many stop lights) and figuratively.  It just seemed to drag on and on.  Regardless of time, I am now happily at 10 miles.  The fact that a real race would only require me to run a 5K to finish makes me happy!


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2 Responses to Run #6.4 It Was Hot

  1. Abby says:

    I wish running in Florida was more fun. I hate the humidity!

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