Run #6.5 From Hot to Cold

I was really hoping to be able to come here today and tell you how fantastic my run was, but sadly that is not the case.  I woke up early and promptly hit the snooze button and fell back asleep.  Finally I got out of bed and headed toward the park.  I was apparently still asleep as I got ready because I had a pink headband, orange jacket, maroon shirt, and pink shoes.  Well at least my head matched my shoes! 🙂

Where to go?  I ended up at Gasworks.  I bundled up and started off.  After two weeks of running in the hot of Honolulu and Orlando I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the cold!  And it was cold – the temp read 39 degrees!  Chilly brr!

It wasn’t too far into my outing when I had the brilliant idea to as far around Lake Union until my turn-around point and then run back around the lake.  Of course what I didn’t think too clearly was the fact that I generally go around Lake Union one way because it has better uphills and downhills.  This plan means I got the worst of the uphills and downhills at the end of the run.

I was actually feeling pretty strong for the first 4 miles.  And then I stopped to use the real bathroom at Starbucks.  I came out of the bathroom and it felt 20 degrees colder.  And it started sprinkling.

But the real poor me attitude didn’t start until a little while later.  My hamstring and my knee started bothering me (on my right side, which is odd, since normally it is my left side that bothers me).  My fingers were freezing.  And I really needed a drink of water.

Here’s one of those don’t do as I do.  I really don’t run with water, I rely on water fountains.  I apparently had remembered a lot more water fountains on this route than there actually are.  But finally I saw a water fountain!  My step quickened and I got excited only to find out the water fountain was not on.  Boo.  This happened several more times.  Each time I saw a water fountain, I got excited only to find out there was no water.

I continued on, feeling more and more parched.  Of course not having water made me feel all that more thirsty!  I was walking at this point, which helped work out my knee, until I felt I could run again.  But I never got back into 2 minutes of running – I flipped it and was running 1 minute, walking 2 minutes.

Over the University Bridge, and I knew I was going to make it.  Even if I did walk the entire bridge.

Finally the park came into view and I was at my car, guzzling water.

I’m just hoping I’m getting all the bad runs out of the way now.  Part of me wonders if I am trying too hard after my two month hiatus.  And I am pushing too fast.  But I am really trying to listen to my body and walk when I need to (which is more often than I would like).

Orange & pink mismatched outfit

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2 Responses to Run #6.5 From Hot to Cold

  1. Abby says:

    I hate that it’s Turn off Water Fountains time of year. Boo.

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