Run #6.6 And That’s What I Call A PR

Race #1 in my upcoming slew of races!  But first, let’s back up.  I had 11 miles on tap for this weekend.  When I saw the Green Lake Gobble had a 10K option and didn’t start until 9:30, I thought this was my answer.  A few miles beforehand, followed by a race.  Even though it would mean I would probably go around Green Lake about 4 times.

Side note: my mom thinks it is hilarious that I run at Green Lake as she loves to point out she and my dad would drag the kids out on the weekend to walk around Green Lake and we would grumble the entire time.  (I don’t remember complaining the entire time – might be a slight exaggeration on my mom’s part! 🙂 )  It tickles her funny bone that I will voluntarily run at Green Lake.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage packet pick-up with enough time before the race so when I got the email that I was eligible for early packet pick-up I realized I had my answer.  (Since I signed up so late, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to pick my packet up early.)

I woke up to rain.  Eh, November in Seattle, what are you going to do?  I got dressed and packed extra shirts and shoes.  I was so sure I had a hat in the car so I didn’t bother to bring a hat.  Imagine my shock when I arrived at the parking lot and there was no hat.  I looked all over my car and found my Tinker Bell Half hat.  Whew!

Doing my pre-math, I needed to do 4.8 miles to bring my total to 11 miles.  Which worked out almost perfectly since once around Green Lake is 2.8 miles.  I could do 2 laps, or I could do one lap and then a mile out and back.  I would go with option 2.  Because I didn’t feel like doing anything more than 11 miles! 🙂

I started off in the rain and was feeling pretty good.  The path wasn’t too crowded, which was nice.  I tried to avoid the puddles as much as I could which was borderline impossible.  I also got a sneak preview of the course!

Nearly empty path

I made the first lap and passed by the finish line.  I was starting to get a little nervous about making it to the start line in time.  But I finished up the last two miles and headed towards my car.

I changed my shirt (which was soaked).  I thought about changing my shoes but since I had forgotten to bring extra socks and my socks were soaked, I figured there was no point in changing shoes.  What I did forget to pick up at my car was gloves!  My fingers would pay the price and freeze.

I had just enough time to use the bathroom.  Trying to use a port-o-potty while soaking wet is not an easy thing to do, but I managed to survive the experience.

I jumped into the starting area and we were off!  I think this was the first year the race had a 10K option, so I wasn’t able to check and see prior finish times to see if I was going to be last.  I was playing leap-frog with a couple different people.  As I would pass by them (or as they passed by me) I tried to surreptitiously look at their bibs to see if they were 5Kers or 10Kers.  I saw a lot of 5K bibs.

As we neared the 5K/10K split off, I saw out of the corner of my eye the 10K leader.  Wow, he was fast!  The split off happened and most of the runners around me headed towards the 5K sign and I was mostly alone with myself and my thoughts of being last.

At mile 4 I actually looked at my watch.  If I kept this up, I might actually PR.  Well assuming I was remembering my correct PR.  And remember, me and running math don’t always go well together.

I was doing pretty well with my intervals, but I could feel myself waning.  Not much longer now I kept telling myself.  We got to a little turn around point and I could finally see how many people were or were not behind me.  To my surprise, there were a few.  Okay, maybe I won’t be last.

The run intervals were continually getting more and more difficult.  One foot after the other.  I was faced with a decision – I could go all out and for sure PR, but was that really the best decision with several more races waiting in the wings?  I chose the middle ground – keeping up my intervals.

Finally the finish line was in sight!  I crossed it and looked at my watch.  That PR was going to be close (and by seconds).  There were no bananas left (or any that I could see) but there was water.  Thank goodness!  The perils of finishing near to the end.

Official results?  A PR.  By seconds.  Don’t you love those flat and fast courses?  My new 10K PR is 1:14:22.  And that was after I had already run 4.8 miles!  Nice!!

Next up?  Seattle Half!

A very wet PR

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2 Responses to Run #6.6 And That’s What I Call A PR

  1. Abby says:

    Nice! Honestly, I only know my Half marathon PR. All the others are rough estimates.

    • Emily says:

      I was panicking at the end because I couldn’t really remember it – was it 1:14 or 1:12? But the best part about this? I now have a new “proof of time” for Disney races!! 🙂

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