Wish I Was Wednesday

Second year in a row I am not traveling at Thanksgiving.  Normally I take advantage of the 2 days off and try to go someplace.  But it did not work out again this year.  While I am a little sad not to be out of the country for Thanksgiving, I am quite happy to be eating some mashed potatoes and gravy!!  So for today’s Wish I Was – let’s go back in time to one of my first Thanksgiving trips, when I visited Prague.  I was looking through my pictures from this trip and realizing that I have grown as a photographer.  It also made me realize I would love a return trip to Prague.

Tyn Church (Prague, Czech Republic)

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4 Responses to Wish I Was Wednesday

  1. Abby says:

    I wish I was there, too!

  2. Fruit Fly says:

    Your photos really are great – you say you’ve grown, but I still like this one, too!!

    I can say for certain where I’ve been on every Thanksgiving …. at home in Roseburg with my family. The only exceptions … 1997, 2001, 2002, 2003 — and for those years I was in … wait for it …. fabulous Walt Disney World/my apartment a walking distance from DAK Lodge!

    I prefer to be with my family though. I don’t get to see the whole gang together all at one time except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I can make Disney wait for me on another day.

    • Emily says:

      There is nothing like hanging with the family at Thanksgiving!! Not being there for several years made me appreciate it more.

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