2012 in Running

As a pre-cursor to my annual picture year in review, let’s look back at my running year in review.  Really, I just wanted an excuse to pull out all my medals from 2012 and take a picture! 🙂  There is really only one good spot in my house to take pictures with natural light so the medals are displayed with the Christmas decor.

2012 Half Medals

2012 Half Medals

Even though I did not do a birthday “things” list this year, I did hope to keep up the participate in a race a month goal.  My other big goal for the year was to complete 5 half marathons (in honor of my turning a number that ended in a 5).  Not only did I surpass that goal, but 2012 also saw me attempt several new distances including a 4 miler, an 8K, and an 8 miler.  By the numbers, my races in 2012 spanned 7 Halfs, 3 10Ks, 3 5Ks, 2 12Ks, and the aforementioned 4 miler, 8K, and 8 miler.

I started off 2012 becoming reacquainted with running after a year off following a fall in which I tore my MCL.  Take good care of your knees because they take a long time to heal!  I eased my way back in, thanks to run/walk/run intervals.  I don’t know that trying to run without intervals will ever be in my future.

I was inching back to my pre-injury form when life intruded again, this time in the form of surgery to remove a non-cancerous mass.  Patience was once again the name of the game as I started walking, slowly at first, and finally was released to start running again.

2012 also saw me set several personal records including in the 10K, 12K, and Half.  All in all, a pretty successful year if I do say so myself.  I’ve realized I still am focusing on endurance, rather than speed or strength.  Hopefully in 2013, I can start incorporating more strength and speed work into my repertoire.

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4 Responses to 2012 in Running

  1. MedalSlut says:

    I like the butterfly medal – anything with a unique shape is usually a winner in my books. Well done on a great year, and here’s to many more! 🙂

  2. dnardi710 says:

    Wow, what a great year! I’m hoping to do a few more races this year than I did last year…and I’ve still only raced half and full marathons…I really need to do a few timed 5 & 10k’s!

    • Emily says:

      10Ks are fun!! I think 10Ks and 12Ks are my favorite distance – long enough you need some training, but not super long.

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