Run #1.1 Yay for Working Water Fountains

This isn’t technically the first run of this training session, but since I haven’t really been updating you on all my outings, we’ll go with Run #1.1 and start over!  It’s the start, yet it is also the tail end of this round of training with Tinker Bell coming up in two weeks!!  Two WEEKS!!

Because Tinker Bell is coming up so fast, I knew I had to squeeze in a run at some point this weekend, even though it would be tight.  So an early morning wake up on Saturday morning it was.

I ventured over to Mercer Island (as it this way I would be close to work, where I was headed after my run).  Once again, the sky was fading from night to day as I started out.  It was still somewhat dark, so when I came across bushes in the shape of what I think was a reindeer, I freaked out for a second thinking it was a huge dog waiting to eat me.  And then I realized it was an animal shaped plant.  Whew!

Across the bridge is not my favorite way to go for several reasons all wrapped up in this phrase: the loud, smelly cars rushing by.  But across the bridge I went and down the stairs.  I thought about going to the left (which would follow the Seattle Half route) but stuck with right, since it is what I’m most familiar with.

I had started out with gloves but was soon wishing I hadn’t until I was once again running along Lake Washington.  Brr!!  My hands were very glad I hadn’t ditched the gloves.

I hit my turn around point and looked out over Lake Washington back to where I had come from.  It didn’t look that far away.  But appearances can be deceiving!

Finally I made it back to the stairs and thought about phoning a friend to come get me so I wouldn’t have to climb up the stairs.  Traversing up 7o-ish stairs (give or take – I’m not as good at counting when I’m cold and tired) was probably my least favorite part of the morning, but once I got to the top I was treated to a magnificent view of the mountains in the distance.

The last part of my run this morning consisted of three consecutive hills.  I managed the first one with my intervals, gave up completely on the second one and walked, and tried to work the intervals back into the third.  But at the top of the third hill, it was smooth sailing to my car.  I stopped at a water fountain which was thankfully still working, even in the winter!!

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2 Responses to Run #1.1 Yay for Working Water Fountains

  1. Abby says:

    Yikes, congrats on that run!

    Jealous of the working water fountains. I loved that in New Orleans they were still on.

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