Run #3.1 Oh the plans of mice and men

This really isn’t the only “long run” I’ve done in between my last race and the upcoming Princess, but since it is the only documented race, I am labeling it #3.1.

This did not get off to the best start and went downhill from there, or uphill, depending on your view.

I had originally planned to do a 10 mile race on Monday, because I figured running 10 miles with people would be much better than running 12 miles by myself.  And then the chance to enter the runDisney Princess Half meet-up was moved from Friday to Monday.  Well snap.  Do I take the chance and run the race (which would require me driving an hour or so) or do I run on Sunday?  Having the chance to attend the meet-up trumped running with other people and so 12 miles on Sunday it was.  Even though it is only a chance…I knew I would be mad if I didn’t at least try to get in.

I ended up at Gasworks and started off.  It was not raining when I started off (and the weather forecast said it was going to be dry) but not too long into the run, it started misting.  Eh, I actually enjoy running in the mist.

I was feeling really strong as I started off.  That lasted for all of about a couple miles.  Heading into mile 4 or 5 is when my right hamstring started acting cranky.  Stupid hamstring.  I kept moving, although my run intervals might have shortened just a bit.  And then shortened even more.

A couple of interesting things (besides the hamstring issues) happened – I was stopped by two other runners who warned me of man standing on the corner and yelling.  Yikes!!  Fortunately he seemed to have gone when I went by.  But I was very appreciative of the warning.

Coming up a hill a I saw a corgi (and owners) coming around the corner.  Followed by about 10 more corgis and their owners (with a golden hiding in the mess as well).  It was a corgi parade!  I do love corgis – they make me smile.

I was close to being done when of course it started raining harder.  And coming up the last hill, I was passed by a girl on a unicycle.    I was able to catch up to her because as luck would have it, the bridge was up.  Fortunately I didn’t have to wait super long for the bridge.

Waiting for the bridge

Waiting for the bridge

And finally I was done.  Whew.  Next up?  Princess Half Marathon.  Bring it on!!



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4 Responses to Run #3.1 Oh the plans of mice and men

  1. Abby says:

    YaY for your run! Can’t wait for next weekend!

  2. kebe51 says:

    Sounds like you had lots of fun things to see on your run! Congrats on the 12 and good luck with the Princess!

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