Wish I Was Wednesday #20

Well my cold is now in full force.  I’m trying to get lots of sleep and vitamin C to help it along its way.  Since I’m still missing Disney, today’s Wish I Was is Disney themed once again.  It takes us to the Peter Pan statue in London’s Hyde Park.  London is my favorite city in the entire world!!  Okay, I haven’t seen the entire world, but I have a feeling even if I had seen the entire world, London would still retain the number one position in my heart.  I haven’t been there in several years.  Which means I really need to see about planning a trip!!  But until then – a picture to tide me over.

Peter Pan - Hyde Park London

Peter Pan – Hyde Park London

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10 Responses to Wish I Was Wednesday #20

  1. Heidi Hottinger in Silverdale! says:

    Oh, boo hoo to us and our colds! Yes, Sunday’s run did NOT do me good. 😦 (And pooh oh you for finishing five minutes faster than me!). I truly thought I was going to die, and for about 1.5 hours after it felt like my head would explode. Well people who take sick days to rest up for a 15K have no business taking a sick day AFTER, so I’m back at work, but coughing like I just invented it. 😦 Sorry you are still sick, too! doesn’t it seem like colds laster longer than they USED to?

  2. Jaime says:

    London is tied with NYC for my favorite city. I love London. 🙂 Feel better soon!

    • Emily says:

      Thanks Jaime!! Funny story – the first time I went to NYC I didn’t like it because I expected it to be more like London. I’ve gone back and when I accepted it wasn’t London, I really grew to love NYC. It’s definitely up on my list of favorite cities.

  3. kebe51 says:

    I love London! I’ve only been there once, but I remember it as completely amazing!

    And sorry you’re not feeling well. It seems like I’ve been sick this entire winter. Be sure and rest and take care of yourself. 🙂

  4. Abby says:

    I hate post-race colds! Feel better soon 🙂

    I love that statue. Makes me want to visit London again.

    • Emily says:

      Right? I just love that statue! Ugh – I hate post-race colds. But I guess my body is just trying to say slow down.

  5. dnardi710 says:

    Ugh, I’m sorry to hear you’re sick! I was sick a couple of weeks ago and for some reason I just couldn’t get over it…finally feeling better this week!

    I love your “Wish I Was Wednesday” posts, you’ve been to so many amazing places and it reminds me of some of the places I should try to visit! Thanks for sharing!

    • Emily says:

      I’m glad you are feeling better!! There has been some nasty stuff going around. I’m hoping some rest this weekend will clear the rest of it up.

      I’m glad you like the posts!! Your comment made my Friday! 🙂

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