Run #4.3 Easter Classic 10 Miler (sort of)

Remember way back to last week, when I said I’d much rather run as part of a race rather than by myself?  That thought stuck in my head and I thought I’d take a look-see around the interwebs.  I found an aptly titled Easter Classic offering a 5K, 10K, 10 Miler, Half and Full.  Jackpot!!

And then I started looking at the details and logistics.  It was an hour away.  But it didn’t start until 10:30.  Definitely do-able.  Except I had to be back in time to meet up with friends later.  Darn.

Friday morning my Saturday plans were cancelled.  Boo for cancelled plans.  Easter Classic?  Oh, it’s on.

The drive down was beautiful.  Sunny, blue skies, and occasional glimpses of Mount Rainier in all its glory.

Blue skies

Blue skies

I arrived at what I thought was the right place but saw no signs of a race.  Calm down, there is still time to find the right place.  Whew!  At the end of the road was a tent with a “Start” sign.

This was definitely a small race.  I went to the registration table and was told that 1) start whenever, 2) time yourself, and the kicker 3) no, there is no 10 mile option.

Okay, then.  I briefly thought about doing the half but decided I would figure out 10 miles.

Since they gave us the option to start early, I did.  The path was beautiful – well, the sun helped! 🙂  And while this was a very, very small race, every one was super friendly and waved, cheered, and encouraged anyone with a bib.

Beautiful day along the path

Beautiful day along the path

I reached the turn around where there was a real bathroom!  Yay!  Because there was no bathroom at the start.

And then I was back at the start line ready to start the second out and back.  I was still hemming and hawing over doing a half.  It was starting to get hot out and I while I was feeling good, I didn’t want to push it to a half, even though I probably could have.

I got to my “turn-around” and felt a little bit like a fraud since it wasn’t an official turn-around.  But I made the decision and stuck with it.

I erred on the side of caution and did slightly more than 10 miles.  At the finish, I gave my time and was very specific I only did 10 miles.  To which I was told once again that there was no 10 mile option.  I replied that when I signed up it was available.  Apparently no one else had signed up for it and they weren’t sure how to do it logistically so they cancelled the 10 mile option.  I offered to give back my medal but was told to keep it.



Even though it was a small race, it was fun – the drive was beautiful, the people were friendly, and it was a new course.

Feet pic

Feet pic

10 miles – check!

A medal goes so well with sparkle!

A medal goes so well with sparkle!

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2 Responses to Run #4.3 Easter Classic 10 Miler (sort of)

  1. msposko says:

    Looks like fun, you’re lucky to live in an area with soo many race options.

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