What to do in DC?

It is quickly dawning on me how fast my trip to DC is coming up for the inaugural Nike Women’s Half.  As in “blink and it is time to board the plane” fast!

Thanks to Krissy & Sara, I’ve got two very important things on my to-do list.  After all, what is more important than cupcakes?!  Very few things my friend, very few things.  While I am there, I am hoping to visit both Georgetown Cupcake and Baked & Wired.  Although, the cupcakes may lose out at Baked & Wired – there are all sorts of yummy looking things on their menu.

Besides hunting down cupcakes, I would love to hear from you, dear readers, what would be your top items to see and do in DC?  I have never been to DC, which actually still surprises me, especially considering how much I love history.  I don’t have a lot of time, but I am planning to use every minute possible to soak up the sights.

Normally, by now, I would have an itinerary detailed out.  It’s slightly stressing me out that I have no plan and no idea what on earth to do while I’m there, you know, besides run a race, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out! 🙂

So, my question for you is, if you had approximately 2 days in DC, what would you do?  What would be on your must-do list?

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12 Responses to What to do in DC?

  1. Mandi says:

    With all your travelling, I can’t believe you’ve never been to DC! I would recommend the Vietnam Memorial for sure, and something I still haven’t seen yet: the new Martin Luther King memorial. Otherwise, you really can’t go wrong. Hope you have a great time, and good luck at the race!

    • Emily says:

      Thanks!! I know, you would have thought I would have made it to DC before now. I am definitely putting the Vietnam Memorial on my list.

  2. Karen :0) says:

    I haven’t been, but I can’t wait to hear about your trip! Cupcakes are definitely a must!! :0)

  3. Baked and Wired – for sure! All the memorials/monuments around the Mall are obviously a must. If you’re really into art/history, hit up the Smithsonian’s – they are free! Since you love travel, it might also be worth your while to go to the National Geographic Museum. Right now they have a pirates exhibit, a birds of paradise (I think they were in Guatemala?), and two photo exhibits. Also the Newseum if you really are into news/politics/social media type stuff.

    • Emily says:

      Thanks!! A pirates exhibit?? I am putting that on my list. When I was in Bermuda, I made my friend go with me to the pirate museum.

  4. kebe51 says:

    Depends…what’s your opinion on bacon? lol

    Have a fantastic trip! Better to take your time and enjoy the sites rather than trying to rush and cram it all in. Worse case scenario, you miss something and have an excuse to go back! 🙂

    • Emily says:

      Exactly!! I use to try and fit everything in possible, but then I realized, not seeing something is an excuse to come back!

  5. Abby says:

    Georgetown Cupcake is yum! I’ve only been to the one in NYC, but definitely yum!

    Honestly, the only thing I demand to do the next time I go, is the zoo. I need to see a Panda ASAP and it’s easier to get to than San Diego 😉

  6. dnardi710 says:

    It was years ago, but I remember the Holocaust Museum being amazing, I think you may need to reserve tickets in advance or something though. There is so much to see and do in DC so I’m sure you’ll have a great trip, I’m really looking forward to going down in the fall for Marine Corp!

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