Fruity Drink O’Clock: South Padre Island Edition

This trip did not get off to the best starts.  First, it was supposed to be a cruise.  A cruise that we affectionately started calling the “poop cruise” as it was the exact ship and exact route that had gotten stuck in the ocean and had to be towed to land.  We reconciled ourselves to the fact we were going on a poop cruise.  And then the poop cruise was cancelled.

Enter South Padre Island.  A popular spring break spot, but more of a family destination in summer.  It is about a 6 hour drive from Houston (where I was meeting my BFF Michelle).

To continue with the ominous start to our vacation, on our drive down, we killed a bird with the windshield, and drove through a heavy storm.

We finally arrived at our hotel and opened the door to our room and discovered one bed and one pull out (baby) sofa.  Hm, there are 4 of us, and yet only space for 3 people to sleep.  Back downstairs to the lobby we went (after checking our reservation which was for 4 and offered an option with 2 beds).

First night - mattress on the floor

First night – mattress on the floor

Several trips to the lobby and several conversations later, we were assured that they would find us a cot for that night and would figure out a room solution by the next day.

Second night - an actual bed

Second night – an actual bed

We decided our vacation wasn’t going to officially start until the next day when the room was situated (which finally it was – whew).

View from the room

View from the room

I woke up early-ish and headed out for my hot 10 miles.  There was a lot of walking involved.  But I finished, stripped off my shoes, and walked into the ocean.

What followed was several days of pool, beach, and fruity drinks!!  And no horrific sunburns!  There were slight sunburns, but for a fair person with red hair, such as myself, it is somewhat expected.

Chilling in the pool

Chilling in the pool

I haven’t always enjoyed beachy vacations – partly because I generally end up sunburned, and partly because if I’m on vacation I like to be doing things and I don’t necessarily slow down.  However, slowly but surely I am learning to enjoy leisurely, do-nothing vacations. Or should I say d0-nothing but drink fruity drinks and read books and splash in the pool.

Beach time (not our umbrella, but pretty than ours!)

Beach time (not our umbrella, but pretty than ours!)

We had fridges in our room and so made sandwiches for lunch.  For dinner we’d actually put on clothes and drive along the strip until we found a restaurant that sounded appealing or we liked the name (case in point we ate at Blackbeards one night and D’Pizza Joint another night).

Beach feet pic

Beach feet pic

Even with the crazy beginning of the trip, it ended up being a fantastic trip!!  So when’s the next vacation?

Fruity Drink O'Clock

Fruity Drink O’Clock

Hello South Padre

Hello South Padre

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6 Responses to Fruity Drink O’Clock: South Padre Island Edition

  1. Karen :0) says:

    So sorry for the rough start but glad they got the room situation figured out! YAY for no sunburns!!

    • Emily says:

      I was so happy I only spent one night on the floor!! And definitely YAY for no sunburns!! Especially since after I got there I realized I forgot aloe vera!!

  2. kebe51 says:

    I think every day should have a Fruity Drink O’Clock! Good for you for still going out there and doing 10 miles on your vacation!

  3. So was the hotel vacation something you had to organize yourself after the cruise was cancelled? Or did the cruise company help you set it up? I seriously need one of those “do nothing” vacations, but there’s nothing on the horizon except work. I’m gonna have to remedy that!

    • Emily says:

      Wouldn’t that have been nice? No, we (mainly my friend) narrowed it down to a couple of different beach destinations and researched hotels before deciding on this one. Definitely!!! I am now a big advocate of do nothing vacations. They are refreshing in so many ways.

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