Weekly Training Review

Alright then, let’s just skip straight to the fact I didn’t do anything this week.  Until the weekend and then I tried to make up for lost time!  This was supposed to be the week I started running in the mornings again.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  I have high hopes for this week, but it will take getting some decent sleep, which is still suspect at this point.


  • A humid 9.5 mile run


  • St. Charles Flat Five

I was excited for Saturday morning as it had rained the night before.  Rain = less humidity, right?  That might have been the case in Seattle, but I’m learning it isn’t necessarily the case here.  I looked at to the gray morning and was even more excited.  Of course when I stepped outside and felt the humidity (which I’m sure to some people was nothing – but I’m coming from very mild Seattle) I realized it was not going to be quite as cool as I thought.

I decided to go the other way around the park this time to mix things up.   Its good to see new scenery, including some beautiful houses!

Forest Park

Forest Park

It never did rain, but I was wishing it would – I was already soaked through from the humidity, and hopefully the rain would take the edge of the humidity.  But it didn’t rain.  The clouds did keep the sun at bay and there was a breeze, so all in all, it wasn’t horrendous.  Until about the last mile or so when I ended up walking most of it.  That’s okay – some runs are like that.

Seen on my run

Seen on my run

Sunday morning it was up early to head to St. Charles for the St. Charles Flat Five.  It wasn’t too bad of a drive.  I parked and walked over to pick up my bib.  There was a real bathroom near the start line!  A park bathroom, but still, a real bathroom!  The sink was very interesting – it dispensed soap, then water, then hot air.  All in one!

Ready for 5 miles

Ready for 5 miles

Everyone started gathering at the start line.  I looked around and saw the field was small and everyone looked like “real” runners.  I started getting a little nervous about being the very, very, very last person but pushed those thoughts aside.

We started off.  I was toward back of the pack, but not last.  While the race was called “Flat Five” there was a hill at the beginning!  What?  Ha!

Going into the race, my secret goal was right around an hour and my secondary goal was 1:03.  And then I got to the gravel stretch with a little over a mile to go.  I am not a huge fan of running on gravel.

And then the finish line was in sight!  The seconds were ticking ever closer to 1 hour and then the clock struck 1 hour with me on the wrong side of the finish line.  I crossed at 1:00:32 – almost made that secret goal!

I was handed a trophy after crossing the finish line – I was the 88th woman to cross the finish line.  Love it!

And since this was billed as 5 miles – I’m counting it as a PR since I’ve never done a race billed as 5 miles!  (The 8K could technically be called 5 miles but I’m keeping them separate! 🙂 )

My trophy!

My trophy!

I am liking this solo long run on Saturday and short run race on Sunday.  It is helping with my motivation.  Next week I have the race on Saturday and the long run on Sunday which will definitely be a better approximation of Dumbo.  My original plan to follow Jeff’s guide has seriously fallen by the wayside.  So I’ve gone back to what I know should work.  One of these days I will actually follow a training plan to completion.

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6 Responses to Weekly Training Review

  1. Abby says:

    Have to have the bad runs to have the good ones! Congrats on your trophy and getting your secret goal, speedy!

  2. dnardi710 says:

    I bet without the hill at the start you would have had that goal – I’d call that their fault, not yours since it was misleading : ) Congrats! (And I totally want to find one of those sinks!)

    • Emily says:

      Oh my gosh – that sink was awesome! Took me a second to figure it out. Yeah – it was totally their fault for putting that hill at the beginning! 🙂

  3. kebe51 says:

    Hills are evil! But congrats on your new PR! Woohoo! And ummm, yeah…don’t even get me started on not following a training plan. Someone is going to have to carry me across the finish line of the Dumbo at this point!

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