Weekly Training Review

Another week, another failed attempt at getting up early to get some running in.  At this point, I’m just happy I’m getting my long runs in!!  Dumbo is coming up quick!!


  • Scorcher Four
  • Warm Vinyasa


  • 10 miles

Finally a double with the short run on Saturday!!  Third double weekend, and third short race in St. Louis.  I’ve now done a 5K, a 5M and a 4M.  And a PR since it was my first official 4 miler!  I love automatic PRs!  And the best news – the race started on the block where my drive-thru Starbucks is!  I actually knew where I was going.  

As I was driving, I started noticing the long hill and the cones set up.  How come the hill doesn’t seem so bad when I drive down it to get my coffee?  I parked and used the real bathroom.  Seriously – 3 races in St. Louis and I have yet to use a port-o-potty.  Definitely a good thing. 

And go!  The race was mainly in residential areas and it was fun to look at the houses.  And then there was the cemetery.  And before you knew it, there was the hill and it was a doozy!  But I kept up my intervals for the most part.

My secret goal was under 50 minutes.  As I came up to the finish line, I saw the clock turn to 49.  I crossed in 49:49 (which is somewhat suspect since there wasn’t an individual timing apparatus).  But I beat my secret goal!

Sunday, instead of going right when I left my house, I went left.  I knew there was a way to cross over to the park.  It was actually a straight shot – down the street until you come to the turtle park and then take a right.  My legs were definitely feeling it, but after a few miles they loosened up.  The weather was pleasant as I started.  But the temperatures kept climbing.  I did fairly well until the last few miles where I predictably (as of lately) ended up walking.

I’m feeling much better after having done a short run on Saturday and a long one on Sunday.  I’m also feeling much more excited about DISNEYLAND!!  I’ve got my waiver and my final race instructions.  This is getting real!!

Next on the wish list will be getting in to the #DisneylandHalfMeetUp.  Rumor has it the invite will be going out sometime this week!!!

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6 Responses to Weekly Training Review

  1. Abby says:

    Fingers crossed for that meetup! YAY!

    • Emily says:

      I debated even doing it because of the debacle that was princess. But I’m saying now that we are both getting into the princess meet up next year!!

  2. Karen :0) says:

    Automatic PR’s are the best! Great job on the run!
    This Disneyland Meet Up is going to make me have a heart attack! Every time a new tweet or blog post pops up, my heart skips a beat then starts beating a million miles an hour! Keeping my fingers crossed for both of us! :0)

  3. dnardi710 says:

    Good job making your goal in that race! I’m getting so excited about Disneyland too, hope to see you there!

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