Weekly Training Review


  • A humid 12 (plus) run (walk)
  • Glo Run 5K (walk)

I debated about running this weekend, but I just feel better when I’ve conquered 12 miles prior to a half so out I went.  I tried to wake up early-ish on Saturday, I really did.  But the snooze button was ever so attractive.  After several rounds of snooze button pushing, I finally got up.

I walked outside and into the humidity.  Ugh.  You know how a lot of running is mental?  Well that humidity started messing with my thoughts almost immediately.

I had already planned on mixing up my route today and I hoped the new territory would help with the distraction factor.  And with that I turned right out of my house.

I was actually doing okay to start with.  I was definitely dripping sweat and my legs were a little slow to wake up, but I settled into a good rhythm.

I reached the edge of the park and kept going straight.

Let’s digress into a little back story – I had become increasingly frustrated with the first freeway I take in the morning and I was determined to find a side road to freeway #2.  In discovering a side road, I also discovered another little small park.  My goal was to run to the second park, which I did, and then passed it by as well.

This is where the distraction really helped as I gazed at what stores were lining this street.  Best discovery?  Orange Leaf!!  I’ve never tried their frozen yogurt before!

Finally I turned on a cute street and then began making my way back to the park.  While on my way to the park, I attempted to do running math in my head to make sure I got my 12 miles in.  Have I mentioned before that I don’t do so well with the running math?  I’m still not sure where I went wrong, but I ended up basically doing an extra mile.  Oops!  Needless to say I walked a good deal (especially when I realized I was going to be over 12).  But I finished.  And drank the nice cold glass of chocolate milk that was waiting for me at home.

Forest Park

Forest Park

But that wasn’t all!  After several hours at work, a few co-workers and I did the Glo Run.  Except we didn’t run at all.  Because it was dark and I had no doubt if I even attempted to run, I would fall.  It was fun – at each mile marker (approximately) there was some sort of  tent or dance party or something.  My one complaint would be the finish – it was somewhat anticlimactic – there was no finish line!  You just finished.  And that was it.

Glo Run

Glo Run

Well there you have it.  Another training cycle complete.  Come back next week to see how I fared at the Disneyland Half and the inaugural Dumbo Double Dare.

Speaking of Dumbo, it is going to be a no expectation race.  While I’ve gotten my long runs in and a few doubles, I don’t feel super ready.  I haven’t had a proper night’s sleep in about 3 months (at least) and its been a bit stressful (to say the least).  Not that I’m complaining.  But yes, I am complaining, because that’s what I do.  I complain.

Not getting into the Disneyland Half meet up might actually be a blessing in disguise (up until this point I was holding out hope I *just might* get in because someone had to back out).  Since I won’t have to get up super early, I might actually get to sleep in a bit.  Yay!!  (Trust me, if they offered me a spot in the meet up I’d be there in a heartbeat.  After all sleep is for the weak (week)….after next.)

For those of you going to Disneyland, if you see me around, feel free to say hi.  Although I say that and half the time I’m way too shy to actually go up to someone I recognize from the blogosphere.

However, if you see me on the course and I look like I’m about to cry or just barely holding on, please yell at me.  Even if it’s just my name I will feed off the energy!!

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6 Responses to Weekly Training Review

  1. Jenn says:

    You better come up and say hi if you see me!! I’ll keep an eye out for you but I swear I’m usually oblivious 😦

  2. Abby says:

    You’ll be fine! I have faith and can’t wait to see you!

    The Glo Run sounds fun, sorry about the finish line.

    • Emily says:

      It was just so weird – we were all looking at each other asking is this this end? Odd.

      Yay!! I can’t wait to see you either!!

  3. kebe51 says:

    I totally got “yelled” at for not saying hi to people so I totally get the shy thing, but please feel free to say hi to me if you see me and I’ll do the same 🙂

    Also you’ll do great with the race. I am definitely not confident as I’d like to be, so I have no expectations for this race but FFF – Focus on the Fun and the Finish!

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