Wish I Was Wednesday #46

Things have *slightly* calmed down at work, for at least the next week.  In the meantime, I flew back to Seattle and finished packing up my things and watched it be loaded onto a truck.  I’ve also been doing some furniture shopping.  And as usual, I am having a difficult time making a decision.  Do I go with a super comfy, but not as pretty couch?  That is precisely what I did but now I’m second guessing myself (which is pretty par for the course – I hate making decisions!!).

Speaking of furniture (and speaking of decision-making), you might be wondering what apartment I ended up in.  I was in agreement with the recommendations for the cheaper apartment up until the last-minute where I did a complete 180.  What the last few crazy weeks convinced me of was how much I would be working and convenience became of paramount importance.  And the more central location plus the added benefit of the park (don’t forget the yoga studio) made it the more logical choice (although I keep second guessing myself on this decision as well).  There were other reasons too.

And I promise there are some Dumbo recaps in the works!

Artwork outside the Louvre

Artwork outside the Louvre

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6 Responses to Wish I Was Wednesday #46

  1. Abby says:

    As I get older, convenience is definitely starting to outweigh price.
    Don’t second guess, just roll with it.
    I love that art piece!!

  2. dnardi710 says:

    Glad you’re finally getting moved and settled! And I agree with Abby, don’t over think it, decision made, just go with it!

  3. FruitFly says:

    I’m with Abby where convenience starts feeling more and more important. Heck, I get tired just imagining traveling as much as you do — although I would love to be able to see even half of the cool places you visit. I live vicariously through you via your blog and the calendar in my kitchen!

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