Dumbo Double Dare 2013: Wonderland 10K

First off, let me say that I finally know why I had to move to St. Louis!!  It was to prepare me for the heat and humidity that persisted throughout Dumbo weekend.

When last we spoke, I was fast asleep (after having been woken up by fireworks).  And then the alarm was going off and I started out on the first leg of the Dumbo Double Dare.  (I just love saying Dumbo Double Dare – can  you tell?)

I was so excited when I first heard about this challenge.  I feel extremely confident in saying I will never, never ever be doing the Goofy challenge (let alone Dopey).  Because both of those would require a marathon and while I admire those who do marathons, it is not something I aspire to.  I am quite happy with halfs.  (And besides – the guy died at the end.  Just saying.)  I will say my one caveat would be the Athens marathon.  That is probably the only time I would even contemplate a full marathon.

I walked outside and was greeted by heat and humidity.  This early?  Ugh.  I was about to head toward the corrals when I happened to run into some familiar faces!!  Yay!

2013_09 Dumbo 6

Borrowed from either Abby or R0nda, I don’t remember

The walk to the corrals was slightly clusterrific what with the 5K starting only 45 minutes prior.  Finally we made it!  We didn’t have long to wait before we were off.  There were so many people and I started getting slightly claustrophobic.  I tried picking my way through  to carve out a little space for myself and in doing so got separated from Abby and the others.


The first couple of miles were through the streets of Anaheim before we headed into California Adventure!!!  The best part about the 10K, in my opinion, is how much of the race was in the parks!

Through Cars Land

Hanging with DJ

Hanging with DJ

and around Paradise Pier we went (where I ran into Belle, photo thanks to Gaston).

Borrowed from R0nda

Borrowed from R0nda

And down Buena Vista Street toward the Tower of Terror before crossing over to Disneyland.

Why hello Walt & Mickey

Why hello Walt & Mickey

Running down Main Street is probably my favorite part of any runDisney race.  Past the castle, through Tomorrowland, around its a small world and into the back lot area where I ran into Filmore & Lightening McQueen (aka Jenn and Danielle).  It was so fun to finally meet them in person, if only for a few seconds!

The course took us into Toon Town before heading back towards the castle!


Off with their heads!

Leaving Disneyland behind, the course took us through Downtown Disney which was lined with spectators cheering.  It was a great last mile or so before the finish line was in sight.

Definitely not my fastest time by any stretch, but probably one of the most fun races I’ve ever run!



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8 Responses to Dumbo Double Dare 2013: Wonderland 10K

  1. Abby says:

    It was definitely a PR in FUN! Bummed we lost you, but it looks like you rocked it 🙂

  2. dnardi710 says:

    Thanks for the shoutout, and nice to finally meet you in person too!

  3. kebe51 says:

    It looked like you had so much fun! Great job on the race! And sorry I didn’t get to officially meet you (seeing you approach the finish line was close!)…there’s always the Princess! 🙂

  4. FruitFly says:

    I loved how we kept bumping into each other that weekend! It was comforting knowing someone else was also feeling that crazy heat other than myself. Plus I just like you and was really happy to get to actually spend time racing with you instead of just meeting before and after races!

    • Emily says:

      I know!! You guys literally saved my half. It was so hot and racing that stretch with you was awesome! I was so glad to run into you.

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