Weekly Training Review

  • Monday – 25 situps and 20 bicycles
  • Tuesday – “rest”
  • Wednesday – “rest”
  • Thursday – stairs at work
  • Friday – watching the movers, and moving a few boxes on my own
  • Saturday – Hot Yoga Flow (60 min)
  • Sunday – 12 mile run (with more walking and less running)

I thought this week might be a return to normal, but not so much.  And next week won’t be any better, in fact it will be a return to the crazy.  But such is life.  In life news, I received several deliveries this week, including my couch, bed frame, and all my boxes from Seattle.  My apartment is now full of all sorts of boxes.  I’m slowly making my way through them.  One of these days I’ll have a fully put together apartment!  But until then…here’s a sneak peak:



2013-10-02 12.02.30


The St. Louis Rock ‘N’ Roll is coming up quickly!  I was all set to conquer 12 miles today.  I think we’ll call this one a draw.

I was actually up early and ready to go, but the sky wasn’t.  It was still dark, so I wasted a few minutes until the morning light started breaking through.  I stepped outside, expecting warmth, but was greeted by a chilly morning.  Yes!!  Fall is in the air!!

I try to be a friendly person when I run, but this morning I passed by a woman and nodded and smiled.  Apparently this was not enough for her – she kept saying Hi in increasing volume.  Fortunately it was time for me to cross the street and I left her behind.

I was feeling pretty good – keeping up with my walk intervals.   By the time I reached the “real” bathroom, I was still going great – not to warm, not to cold.  Of course being inside made me realize how cold it was outside!  I never thought I would say this, but I missed the sun!

Early morning fog...

Early morning fog…

And then came the knee pain (right) followed hip pain (left).  And my run suddenly became a walk.  I walked for the next several miles, hoping that would help with the pain.   It did, but walking involves all new muscles!  I did start running again – but flipped my intervals.  Whatever works, right?

I’m not sure which race is next but at least I’m (basically) prepared! 🙂

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4 Responses to Weekly Training Review

  1. kebe51 says:

    Sorry that life has been so chaotic with no signs of relief! It’s gotta get better. Just go to your happy place!

    Oh, and unpacking/moving TOTALLY counts as a workout.

  2. Abby says:

    I totally agree- whatever works is better than just giving up. I’m so sorry about your knee and hip. I think ours can be friends bc mine have been hurting a ton lately too. Boo.

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