Fall Colors Week: 2013 Edition

I really do love Poppytalk’s Color Weeks.  I’ve participated in the past and I love that now I can do it via instagram!  With life being as chaotic as it has been these last several months, I enjoyed being able to participate via my phone and not carry my real camera around.  Throughout the day I would keep the color in mind and think about how I would or could interpret it.  And voila!  I present my color week:

Monday: Golden (I was waiting outside a restaurant for the rest of my party and happened to glance up)



Tuesday: Red (Walking in to work from outside)



Wednesday: Brown (mmmm, cappuccino – and my only pic that was not the day of – ran out of time and daylight to find a good brown)



Thursday: Gray (another gray day, on my way back to work after picking up my car)



Friday: Orange (my first attempt was pathetic and not shown, but then I went to dinner and to my surprise and delight, the walls of the restaurant were orange)

Orange (even if it looks a little red in this light)

Orange (even if it looks a little red in this light)

And there you have it!  To see more colors, check out Poppytalk’s roundup (you might even see a familiar picture).

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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2 Responses to Fall Colors Week: 2013 Edition

  1. kebe51 says:

    Lovely! Absolutely lovely! Plus I’m just excited that work/life had calmed down (if only for a moment) long enough for you to actually do something the involves enjoying and appreciating life, your surroundings, anything really! lol

    • Emily says:

      Thanks!! Yeah, it was nice to breathe for a second. I’m just so tired lately, it was nice to have something else to focus on and make me pay attention to my surroundings.

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