Three Things Thursday

This is actually my first time playing along with Three Things Thursday.  I had a few random things on my mind so I thought I’d take advantage of the fact it is Thursday!

  1. As usual, I’m late to the party, but did you see that runDisney is moving Tinker Bell to Mother’s Day weekend in 2015?!  I, for one, am ecstatic!!  January is a horrific month for me and now that I am not a 2 hour flight from LA, there is no way I can participate.  I wish that they had moved it this year as then I could keep up my streak.  But in any case, I plan on being there in 2015 and earning my pink coast to coast medal!!
  2. The cold, dry air is making my hair very staticky – I mean my hair is literally standing on end.  Apparently I need to buy a humidifier for the winters (and a dehumidifier for the summers).  Who knew?
  3. One of my standard Christmas presents is to give out calendars with pictures I have taken during the year.  I have a few extra, which are up for grabs.  Email me at travelwithemily at gmail dot com if you are interested.  First come, first served.
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