Weekly Training Review & SEAHAWKS!!!!

We’re getting ever closer to Princess.  And guess what?  I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to wear.  I don’t know if there will be a costume.  Maybe I’ll recycle Ariel from last year.  Unless I can come up with something quick, easy, and that will take about zero effort on my part.  Ideas are welcome!!

I don’t know if this was my first double of Princess training, but it was the first double that was done completely on the treadmill.  Yes, the treadmill.  The weather forecast called for ice on Saturday.  Knowing this, I decided to do my short run on Saturday on the treadmill, leaving my long run for Sunday.  To mix things up, I lowered my run speed to 5.2 and went to 3 minutes run / 2 minutes walk.  I also decided to walk for a mile.  End result – 4 treadmill miles complete.

Coming home from work Saturday night, it started to precipitate.  Unfortunately it wasn’t  plain ol’ rain, it was freezing rain.  Boo.  When I got up on Sunday morning, I turned on the TV to find out there had been snow, plus the freezing rain which meant slippery streets.  I made the decision to stay indoors and visit the treadmill yet again.

My original plan had been 10 miles.  But knowing I would have to do them on the treadmill filled me with dread and I adjusted down to 8 miles.  I can do 8 miles right?  It would be my longest treadmill run ever.

I started off with the 3 / 2 intervals.  The TV wasn’t working and staring a spot in the wall started to get to me.  Perhaps 6 miles would be enough.  Or what about 4?  Running is such a mental game at times.  I hit 4 miles and kept going.  I threw in another mile of just walking.  When I hit 7 miles, I knew I would make it to 8 miles.

I’m hoping next week, work will calm down enough that I can make it to the gym (or yoga) once or twice during the week.  Here’s hoping anyway!

After all that treadmill fun, it was time for some football fun!!!  I still can’t quite believe that the Seahawks won the SUPERBOWL!!  What I really want to see now is the Disneyland commercial! 🙂  But instead I’ll leave you with my favorite song / video of late (and very appropriate).

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4 Responses to Weekly Training Review & SEAHAWKS!!!!

  1. Abby says:

    No shame in re-doing a costume! Congrats on the 8 mile treadmill run. This weather is killing my Princess training. Hope it clears up soon!

    • Emily says:

      I am so over this weather!! At this point I think I’d almost rather have heat. Almost, but not quite. Where’s the nice spring / fall weather?

  2. Maureen says:

    Looking forward to hearing about your run at the Princess Marathon. My sister and I are talking about doing this together for the first time in 2016. She is a runner. I am not. But I’ll do anything to justify a trip to Disney. Love to hear your thoughts and find out what you end up wearing!

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