Chocolate & Fabulousness

Here we are at the weekend before the Glass Slipper Challenge.  I’m not feeling super prepared.  But I will finish and I will have fun.  I’ll be in Disney World after all!!

Since my training has been all over the place, I thought maybe I would try to squeeze in one last run but then the weekend got here and I just wasn’t feeling it.  Especially with the crazy weather.  But instead I decided to do a short back to back.  Partly because there were 2 races that I had my eye on!

The first was Run for the Chocolate.  A chocolate fondue at the end?  Yes please!!  Originally the weather was supposed to warm up.  Supposed to being the key phrase.  I had convinced a few c0-workers to do the race with me and we hung out in the warm casino before the race.  

We made our way down to the start line carefully avoiding any ice.  I decided to take it easy, mainly because of the conditions.  Originally this race was scheduled to be 4 miles but with the weather, it was shortened to about 3 miles.  I didn’t realize this until we reached the half way point at about 1.5 miles.  

Me with the Cupids

Me with the Cupids

Good news is I was able to keep fairly consistent intervals, which hasn’t been the case lately.  I turned the corner and saw the finish line.   Quite a few people sprinted past me in the last little bit but I could not find anything to push me towards the finish line.  I continued plodding along.  I was greeted with a chocolate in the shape of a strawberry.

Yay for chocolate!

Yay for chocolate!

I waited for my co-workers by the heated lamps!  Hallelujah for heated lamps!  They crossed the finish line and we headed to the after party.  With chocolate!!  We were handed goodies and chocolate to dip our goodies into.  Yum!

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate Fondue

That was Saturday.  I still needed to decide about Sunday.  I was still debating about a long-ish run but just didn’t have it in me.  Instead, I did the Fun, Flirty, and Fabulous 5 & 5.  It was taking place in my backyard (aka Forest Park).  The temperature gauge still hadn’t risen and in fact, it felt colder this morning than it did on Saturday.

I signed up for the race and went back to my car to try to stay warm.  Before the race, they got us warm with a session of jazzercise.  The 5 milers lined up at the start line and I looked around and saw that the field was not very large.  But after having been last (or nearly last) at my last few races, I wasn’t completely intimidated.  I started off somewhat slow, still trying to avoid the icy spots.  

Once again I was able to do fairly consistent intervals, including the hills! 🙂  If nothing else, both races gave me a little bit of confidence heading into the Glass Slipper Challenge!

Fun Flirty & Fabulous 5 & 5

Fun flirty & Fabulous 5 & 5


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6 Responses to Chocolate & Fabulousness

  1. msposko says:

    Good job on the runs and for bracing the elements! I’ve been using a treadmill instead of avoiding ice. Also looking forward to the Glass Slipper challenge this weekend and the warmer weather. 🙂

  2. kebe51 says:

    I’m so glad these races were able to give you confidence about the Glass Slipper…I have NONE! lol Eek! And it’s awesome that you have so many convenient and fun themed races near you that you can do to help get your training runs in! 🙂

    Random note. I always love jazzercise because it makes me think of mousercize which I used to watch on the Disney Channel when I was little and no one else in my house was awake yet lol

  3. dnardi710 says:

    Good luck at Glass Slipper this weekend! I’ll be “watching” everyone from back home in the snow!

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