Weekly Training Review

I’ve got Glass Slipper Challenges recaps heading your way, but first we’ll go through a training recap, small though it will be.  Life is starting to somewhat slow down, relatively speaking (as in I actually had a weekend which, while not restful, was full of finally attempting to put my apartment together – I’ve only been here 7 months!).  My weekend was also spent preparing for yet another snowpocalypse.  And by preparing, I mean making sure my generally empty cupboards have at least something to get me through a few days.  As well as washing my car to get rid of the last round of snow.

So workouts…I’m hoping as life normalizes, workouts start making a regular appearance. But we aren’t quite there yet.  I was hoping with NYC only a few weeks out, I could find motivation and time so do some last minute improvement.  Because the 3 hour time limit is really starting to freak me the heck out.  Especially after realizing I am starting in the last wave.

On to the workouts for the week – Tuesday and Wednesday included situps and pushups and that was it until Saturday.

Long run Saturday…  I headed to Forest Park for 10 miles.  I do have to say, knowing it was “only” 10 miles, did wonders for my psyche.  (Seriously though 10 miles is no joke.)

It was on the cold side, but not too bad.  I started off walking to get me in the mood.  But once I started running I was pleasantly surprised to see fairly consistent miles – within 12 to 14 minute mile range.  My mantra for the next few weeks is “I’ve got this” because I need positive thoughts going into NYC.  But really what’s the worse that could happen?  I get pulled from the course?  I don’t finish within the time limit and don’t receive a medal?    So be it.  Just means I get to do another race in NYC.  That isn’t a bad thing.

Very brown Forest Park

Very brown Forest Park

And I’ll throw in an extra picture from last week – I went with some co-workers to see Jersey Boys.  Um, Fox Theater is gorgeous!!  And I loved Jersey Boys!

Fox Theater

Fox Theater

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