Weekly Training Review

Just as it looks like spring has sprung, tomorrow’s forecast calls for snow.  Yes, snow.  I’m hoping they are lying.  Or at least mistaken.  Or reading off the weather of another city that isn’t St. Louis.  We shall see tomorrow.

Slowly, but surely I’m working more work outs in.  And my fit bit is definitely helping.  Case in point – I was really close to the 10,000 step mark, so I jumped on the treadmill at 10 PM for 10-ish minutes to hit my remaining step count.  Will I do that every time?  Probably not.  But the novelty has still not worn off.

  • Monday – 3,819 steps
  • Tuesday – 6.561 steps (including a late night stroll around the office to get over 5,000 steps)
  • Wednesday – 11,110 steps (2-ish mile treadmill run in the morning, with the extra treadmill walk at night to boost my step count)
  • Thursday – 10,078 steps (2-ish mile treadmill run)
  • Friday – 4,857 steps
  • Saturday – 14,738 steps (hot yoga, followed by a 5 mile walk)
  • Sunday – 19,569 steps (8 mile run)

I chose to do a long run on Sunday because of the two days, it seemed to have the better running weather (overcast, but very little chance of precipitation).   Silly me, I never did check to see if the forecast changed.

I was having a hard time motivating myself to get moving so I walked the first mile, which did wonders.  I was feeling strong with my first few run intervals.  I decided to veer off from my regular route, and take a different path, which led me into the middle of Forest Park.  Throughout the park were little signs of spring – daffodils, blooming trees, green grass – it definitely gave me hope that winter is really at an end.  This was before I heard there was snow on the horizon.

I have been complaining (because I do love to complain) about not doing enough strength training so when I saw a set of staircases, I knew I should pause and run the stairs a few times.  The staircase had about 50 steps.  I ended up running up it 3 times.  I probably could have pushed through another set, but seeing as I still had a way to run, I thought better of it.

Staircase repeats

Staircase repeats

However, the best part was at the top of the staircase was another birthday cake!!  I don’t know if I’m going to find all 250 of the cakes, but I am sure going to try!

World's Fair Pavilion Birthday Cake

World’s Fair Pavilion Birthday Cake

I stopped off at the bathroom and as I was going in, I overheard someone say that “it” should be here within the hour.  As the skies had become increasingly dark, I figured “it” had to be a storm.  The race to get back to my apartment before the storm hit was on!

I was less than a half a mile from my house when the lightning show started.  Fortunately, the rain was just sprinkling at this point.  Now, I’m not sure what exactly you are supposed to do in a lightning storm, but I figured getting indoors was probably the safest bet.  I ran home as fast as I could and made it inside!  Whew!

Signs of spring

Signs of spring


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8 Responses to Weekly Training Review

  1. Jaime says:

    Snow?! It was almost 90 here today. Blah. Those stairs would be awesome for hill repeats.

    • Emily says:

      Fortunately the snow didn’t stick. I don’t understand this weather. That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the stairs! Hill repeats!

  2. kebe51 says:

    More snow?!?! Ugh! Knock wood, here we have a high of 70 today…we have rain in the forecast for the week, but I’ll take it at this point! And yay for the fit bit helping to motivate you! I definitely need something…well, I need something to just motivate me to get me back to working normal hours so I have time to do other things lol. Good luck on your cake quest! 🙂

    • Emily says:

      I really wish they would sell motivation in a store. Preferably in a pill form. Or chocolate form! I hope you find motivation as well.

  3. I sure hope the weather man is wrong for your sake! That cake is so cute!

    • Emily says:

      Isn’t it? I think that one is one of my favorites I’ve seen so far. Fortunately, the snow didn’t stick.

  4. Abby says:

    Nice work on those stairs! I love the added surprise of the birthday cake!

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