Weekly Training Review

  • Monday – 11,161 steps (3 mile walk)
  • Tuesday – 10,844 steps (2 mile treadmill run)
  • Wednesday – 11,267 steps (2 mile walk)
  • Thursday – 8,206 steps
  • Friday – 8,467 steps
  • Saturday – 28,963 steps (6 ish mile run, 5 ish mile walk)
  • Sunday – 19,387 steps (Tulip Trot 5K walk, lots of errands)

One of my dreams is to someday write a book.  Even as a little girl, I was constantly writing stories.  Nowadays, I’ve written different scenes for different stories, thinking that I’ll string the different scenes together and come up with an actual story.  One of the plot lines in my head is partly autobiographical and partly wishful thinking, where our heroine finds confidence through running.  Not long after our heroine starts her running journey, she trips and falls and is “rescued” by a tall, dark, and handsome stranger.

Cue Saturday morning.  It was a beautiful morning.  I was trying to get in most of my miles before the sun started beating down on me.  Oh, one other vital piece of information is how klutzy I can be (remember that time I fell off a cliff?).  As you may have guessed, what this is leading up to is a big fall.  I’m still not sure what I tripped on, but trip I did.  I managed to contort myself and fall on my hip.  If I go through a spectacular fall, shouldn’t I also get a hero to rescue me?  The wish for a hero was battling with the wish that no one saw me fall.  Instead I settled for a few concerned passersby.

I got up, brushed myself off. did an assessment of myself.  Fortunately nothing was hurt except my pride and a bruised tailbone.  I decided to walk, just in case.  I probably could have tested the waters and ran a little but I convinced myself to walk .

Moral of the story, keep your eye on where you are going!


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