Playing Tourist

This past weekend I had visitors!!  Yay!!  This meant some rushing around so that my apartment was inhabitable for people other than myself.  The good news is my apartment is starting to look like an actual home where people live.  The den is still a mess, but there is art up on the walls and DVDs on the bookshelf.

Michelle & Stacy flew in Friday night and we stayed up late chatting and catching up.

Ready to tour

Ready to tour

Saturday, we visited the Anheuser-Busch facility and took the tour.

Touring the Anheuser Busch facility

Touring the Anheuser Busch facility

Not only did we learn about making beer, but we got to visit the stables where the Clydesdale live!!  Since moving to St Louis, I have developed a slight obsession with the Clydesdale.  But they are beautiful.



After lunch, we walked down to the Arch.

The Arch

The Arch

The elevator was a tiny pod that made its way all the way to the top.  Had the trip lasted any longer, I might have freaked out.  I wouldn’t call myself claustrophobic, but sometimes tight, small spaces can make me anxious.  The trip down was much better.



We spent Saturday night in our jammies watching Scandal because we are wild and crazy!

Sunday we explored the St Louis Zoo.  The zoo is deceptively large!  There were lions, tigers, but no bears as the bears habitat is being refurbished.

At the zoo

At the zoo

And then it was time to say goodbye.  Thanks ladies for being my first guests in St Louis!  (Even better, I didn’t have to turn on the GPS once!  Maybe I am starting to learn my way around!)

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