2014 Kirkland Half Marathon

I went home this weekend.  But…where did I go back to?  I’ve called Seattle home for so many years (except for those years I lived in Houston) so my natural inclination when traveling to Seattle is to say I’m going home.  But what does that make St Louis?  So I solved the dilemma by saying I was flying home both directions.  Seattle will always be my hometown.

When I decided to come home this weekend, I thought briefly about doing the Mother’s Day Half Marathon (formerly known as the Kirkland Half Marathon).  I needed to run, and as I’ve been lacking in motivation, I figured a race setting would help.  What I conveniently forgot was exactly how hilly this course is.

Subaru is one of the title sponsors AND my parents let me borrow their Subaru.  Which meant I got rock star parking!!  There was a special section of the parking lot blocked off for Subaru owners.  Score!

I stayed in my car for as long as I could before heading to the park bathroom, which were open this year!

The race started on time but apparently my legs were not quite awake.  I was definitely struggling for the first few miles (the uphill might have played into the difficulty).  Between mile 2 and mile 3, there was a water stop and a great deal of downhill and flats, and where I found a little bit of rhythm.  It was closely followed by mile 4, which was a ridiculous uphill.

Soon after mile 5, the course connected back to very familiar territory (following the 12K’s of Christmas course).  After one more uphill (where I struggled), I got back on an even keel.

Miles 6 – 8 actually passed by fairly quickly.  And we were on Lake Washington Boulevard.

My B & C goals for any half marathon are usually the same – B) finish in under three hours and C) finish.  Because no matter how many of these I do, I still doubt that I can finish.  Mile 10 and 11 is where I threw out finishing in under three hours.  The road was slanted and that last uphill crushed me.  I really hated throwing away the under three hour goal but I was so sure there was no way I could get under 3 hours.

Finally the road flattened out!  Thank goodness!  I attempted to do race math in my head (which is never a good idea).  Maybe I could beat 3 hours.

A volunteer called out encouragement – telling me I was so close and to dig deep and run it in.  I took his advice to heart.

Across the finish line!!  With a time of….2:58:53.  That’s right – there is no 3 in front of that number!!  Yay!!



Feet pic

Feet pic

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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6 Responses to 2014 Kirkland Half Marathon

  1. Yay for such a great time! That is so fun that you got special subaru parking!

    • Emily says:

      Thanks!! It’s funny how the little things can make you happy – I just loved that I got special Subaru parking!

  2. Great job! Love that they gave Subaru owners special parking.

  3. kebe51 says:

    Woohoo! Way to be a rock star! Congratulations on your sub-3 hour half!

    And ummm, yeah, do not even get me started on race math! (You don’t want to me near me at mile 8)

    • Emily says:

      Why is race math so hard!! Thanks!! One of these days I’ll be back on track towards 2:45 but until then, I’m going to be happy to be sub 3.

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