Reflections on Forest Park

This morning I set off on my run.  As usual, I walked the first mile and ran the second.  Once again, there was a 10 in front of fully ran mile.  This time it was 10:24!!  I was toast after that mile and was very happy to go back to run/walk intervals where there was a much familiar 13 in front of most of my miles.  But still it gives me hope that with actual training and focus I may actually get faster.

I continued for the rest of my run, admiring the fall foliage and realized I have come full circle.  I have now experienced all the seasons.  While my time here hasn’t been quite what I expected, living across from Forest Park has been a bright spot.  I have been able to come here and enjoy the beauty – the green, the spring blossoms, the summer blooms, the leaves changing colors, and the snow blanketing the ground.









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2 Responses to Reflections on Forest Park

  1. kebe51 says:

    That park is lovely! And OMG CONGRATUFREAKINGLATIONS on those kick ass mile times! You rock! Go you! Did I mention you rock? Because YOU ROCK! 🙂

    • Emily says:

      If nothing else, I really do love my park!!! Woohoo!! Go me!!! I was pretty impressed with myself – granted, it was only one mile, but its giving me a little bit of confidence that someday I’ll find my fast!

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