2014 St Louis Hot Chocolate 15K

I’d be lying if the thought of a 15K PR hadn’t been on mind leading up to this race.  Granted, I still really done any sort of training, but I’ve been keeping up with a mile a day now since October 1st.  It’s been a long year of watching my times increase.

But last week ended up being an extremely long week at work.  Late nights, lack of sleep, and lack of food.  Yesterday I started writing this blog post in my head with my excuses of why I didn’t PR.  The excuses centered around lack of sleep

How much of running is mental?  Here I was basically sabotaging myself, deciding I was going to have a bad race due to extenuating circumstances.  I tried to stop those thoughts and instead concentrate on having a good race and my time would take care of itself.

To add yet another wrinkle, I didn’t get home on Saturday until late and then I couldn’t get to sleep.  I was lying in my bed telling myself I needed to go to sleep but sleep was a long time in coming.

My alarm went off and I slowly got out of bed.  I checked the weather and the threat of rain from yesterday was now at a 0% and the temperature was to be around 50 degrees.  Well, that was slightly unexpected.  Especially considering last year we were battling cold temps and ice.

I arrived downtown and after a port-o-potty stop, made my way into the corrals.

Ready to go

Ready to go

Go!  The course (slightly changed from last year) started at Soldier’s Memorial and headed west up Market.  My first couple of miles ticked off with decent times (11:43, 12:12, 11:32).  In fact, I had a near 5K PR.

Ready Set Go

Ready Set Go

We passed by the finish area, where the sounds of 5K finishers filled our ears, before heading past the baseball station and south on Broadway towards the Budweiser facility.

My next few miles continued with decent times (11:16, 11:20, 11:55).  I was also fairly close to a 10K PR.  I still wasn’t quite ready to admit I really wanted a PR, but I was getting close.  How close?  I passed by a STL birthday cake and didn’t stop for a picture.

Around mile 7, I was really struggling.  I kept looking at my watch.  I realized that not only did I REALLY want a PR, I wanted to come in around 1:55.  It was going to be close on both counts.

The finish was almost exactly the same as the St Louis Rock’n’Roll with a downhill, followed up a slow uphill that didn’t seem to end, before finally heading back downhill to the finish.

I walked up the hill and watched the clock continue to tick.  I picked a spot and when I reached I started running and didn’t look back.  It was slow up to the crest of the hill before I speeded up, as much as I could.

Goodies at the end

Goodies at the end

Done!!   Not only did I PR, but I also came in under 1:55 at 1:54.23!!  That’s a PR of 3 minutes!  Hooray!!

That PR tastes yummy

That PR tastes yummy



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3 Responses to 2014 St Louis Hot Chocolate 15K

  1. kebe51 says:

    Look at you speedy McSpeedster! Congratulations on your PR! And I love the medal!

  2. Congrats!! That’s got to feel great! And I love that medal! I want to eat it!

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