2015 Ramble into Spring 10 Miler

Hello out there!  Winter is slowly fading, basketball is on, and an end (or is it beginning?) is in sight.

I’ve been in St Louis for almost two years now and I still haven’t found a hair stylist I like.   I tried a new place.  I went in with a few requirements – cut my bangs, clean up my layers, but keep the general length.  I came out with interesting layers and 3 to 4 inches gone.  I’m still getting used to it.  I think I had I gone in there expecting short hair I would have been happier.  But hair grows, right?

Shorter hair

Shorter hair

Why yes, that would be in front of the Seven Dwarf’s cottage, but that’s another story for another post.

The next “big” race on my calendar is the GO! St Louis Half .  I’m a big fan of using local races as part of my training.  In scouring a local race calendar I saw there was a 10 Mile race this weekend (combined with a 5K and a 10K).  Count me in!

Then I started reading the instructions.  No walkers allowed in the 10K or 10 Miler.  It went on to say if you have to walk due to a side stitch, that was allowed.  However the time limit was 2 and a half hours.  I knew I should be golden with a two and a half hour time limit, but still the no walkers statement both worried me and irritated me.  Had it said, 15 minute pace per mile and two and a half hour time limit I would have been fine.  Oh well.  I decided I would still participate.

There was a gorgeous sunrise Saturday morning.  I arrived at the race site and picked up my packet.  I loved that in the packet was my bib complete with safety pins attached.

It was a small race (around 500 ish) with the majority doing the 5K and then around 100 doing the 10K and another 100 or so doing the 10 Mile race.  I have this fear of being last. With the field being so small, I had visions of being last before the race even started.

Ready to go

Ready to go

The beginning of the race was through residential areas before heading into open farmland.  I was quickly relegated to the back of the pack, but since all races started together, there was a decent number of us.  I kept trying to surreptitiously look at the color of bibs to see if anyone in the back was also doing the 10 Miler.

Mile 1 clocked in at 10:55 (say what?!) and I banked 4 minutes against the two and a half hour time limit.

The 5Kers turned off and there was still a few people around me.

Mile 2 clocked in at 11:45.  And another 3 minutes was banked!

We were leaving the residential areas at this point and into the rolling farmland.  And rolling it was.  Some flats but a lot of ups and downs.  One of the benefits of the farmland was you could see pretty far ahead and the line of runners extending as far as my eye could see.  The 10Kers split from us and I could then see who else (if any one) was doing the 10 Miler and where I was in relation.  There were three women who passed me just as we turned and I thought there might be one person behind me.  So not the last one (at least not yet).

Miles 3 – 5 clock in at 12:xx.  More time to bank against the time limit.

Rolling farmland

Rolling farmland

At the Mile 5 water stop they had Gu.  My tummy wasn’t really happy so I passed on the Gu.  Not too much further was the “turn-around” or really redirection.  But I was able to see there were 2 women behind me.  But one caught me right before the 6 mile mark.  So now I was second to last (or so I thought).  Mile 6 also came in at 13.25 (I blame the giant hill).

The sun was starting to make its presence known.  I realized that I had been pain free up to this point.  But it wasn’t long after I made that realization that my IT band started acting up.  Wouldn’t you know it?

There must have been downhills during Mile 7 as I came in at 12.25.

We turned back onto the main road.  It was the home stretch!  With about a half mile to go the person behind me not only passed me but did so with a burst of speed.  I had no choice but to let her go.  I would finish last, but I would finish safely under two and a half hours.

At this point we were back in the residential area and finally I could see the finish line ahead.

Early on, my secret goal had been under 2:05 – as I got closer to the finish line I could see the clock turning to 2:04.  I put on what speed I had and came across in 2:04.14 which was a PR for me.



All in all, I liked this race – lots of water stops (almost every mile), nice rolling course, and great volunteers.

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3 Responses to 2015 Ramble into Spring 10 Miler

  1. kebe51 says:

    Congrats on the new PR! Great job! 🙂

  2. Jaime says:

    Congrats on a new PR!!! Awesome!

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