2015 Expedition Everest

When my Disney BFF, who isn’t a runner, asked if I wanted to do the last Expedition Everest with her, of course I said yes!  I was excited to share my love of runDisney with her plus it was right in between both of our birthdays so Happy Birthday to Us!!

The Birthday Girls

The Birthday Girls

We arrived Friday and immediately headed to Epcot to enjoy the Flower and Garden Festival.

So this is love

So this is love

Saturday we headed to Animal Kingdom to see the Yeti and to pick up our packets.  The expo was very underwhelming but New Balance was there with literally no line.  When does that happen?  I was really tempted to get a pair of shoes but then I remembered I don’t have a job anymore.  I decided to wait.  Maybe by the time Wine & Dine comes around I’ll have a job.

After a trip to Downtown Disney, we headed back to the hotel to relax and take a nap before the race.

With a night race, it can be hard to sort out proper fueling.  Heck, sometimes even with a regular race it is hard to figure out fueling.  We had a light dinner and then headed over to Animal Kingdom.

Pirate Princesses and a Yeti

Pirate Princesses and a Yeti

After what seemed like forever, it was finally time to go!  Michelle & I had never run together and this was her first 5K.  She told me to go at my regular pace and regular intervals and she would let me know if she wanted to speed up or slow down or if the intervals were too much.

2015-05-02 23.41.42

We came up to the first obstacle (all were optional and at the beginning I had been planning on skipping them since I tend to be a clutz and didn’t want to injure myself).  The first obstacle was jumping over hay bales.  I got sucked into doing the obstacle, but after leaping over the first few I decided to step over, rather than leap.

The second obstacle was crawling beneath a cargo net.  I was for sure going to skip this one.  Until Michelle turned to me and said “let’s do this!”  So I crawled.  And somehow lost my pirate sash.

And then we came up on the third obstacle – tires.  Once again, I attempted to do it before deciding calmly stepping through the tires would be way more beneficial to my health.

Around the corner and through the finish line – for the first time!  We grabbed a water, cooling towel, and got our first clue.  The first clue was definitely the hardest for us but finally we got it (we may have had a little help).  The second, third and fourth clue we got fairly easily and soon were running across the finish line a second time.

Love the medal!

Love the medal!

We then headed to the after party and rode a few rides before heading back to the hotel.

It is sad this was the last Expedition Everest as it was a really neat race and a great idea.  The scavenger hunt was a lot of fun and would be a great family activity.  And I loved running it with Michelle!

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2 Responses to 2015 Expedition Everest

  1. kebe51 says:

    I’m super jealous! I always wanted to do this one because it always falls on the weekend of my birthday (I’ve never been in Disney for my birthday 😦 ). Congrats on having a great time! Maybe they’ll do a different race this weekend….

    • Emily says:

      You need to go to Disney for your birthday!!!!! I’ve only been once on my actual birthday but it’s awesome!!

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